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We are the premier foundation repair and shoring company located in Atlanta, GA. For over 25 years, Atlas Piers of Atlanta has provided engineered solutions for any size foundation repair project; from small residential jobs to complex commercial projects. We provide underpinning, shoring, tiebacks, carbon fiber repair as well as new construction. We install both helical piers and resistance piers. Call us to find out how we can serve you and solve your project needs.

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Foundation Repair in Atlanta Georgia

Atlas Piers consistently provides top-of-the-line service of foundation repair Atlanta Georgia, engineered products and installation designed to provide you with the greatest asset of all — peace of mind. Our mission is simple and specific: We install the most reliable engineered products that provide the strongest support for your foundation needs — period. Our piers are three to six times stronger than most competitors. You want the job fixed right the first time so you don’t have to fix it again in the future. Read more about why our products are far more superior than theirs… Read More
Foundation Repair Atlanta Georgia, Foundation Repair Products

Our Service Area

Since 1989, home and business owners from Tennessee to Florida
have trusted us for superior foundation repair Atlanta Georgia solutions and services. We are locally owned and operated, and have one of the largest service areas in the Southeast. Click here to view our extensive service area spanning 6 states… Read More

Schedule An Appointment Today

Schedule an appointment today and have one of our qualified foundation repair Atlanta Georgia specialists provide you with solutions to your foundation problems. We can handle both residential foundation support, commercial foundation solutions, and have products to help support new construction foundations. Our pre-engineered foundation piers/underpinning systems provide the support to counter act the common problems of expansive soils, high water tables, erosion, bowing walls, sinking foundations and other issues.


Your foundation can develop many different problems. If you notice any of the following problems with your foundation, contact the experts at Atlas Piers today:


  • Settling or Sinking Foundation – Settling or sinking foundations occur when the soil beneath your foundation shifts or forms voids that are not able to support the structure. The telltale signs of a settling foundation are cracks in brick or concrete wall foundation, drywall, or slab floor; windows or doors that stick; and sloped or uneven floors. The most common fix for a sinking foundation is to install steel push piers or helical piers, which stabilize and raise the foundation to it’s original position.
  • Bowing or Leaning Walls – This can be caused by excess pressure from outside the basement walls. The signs are fairly easy to spot; stair-step or diagonal cracks in foundation walls, inward bowing or bulging along walls, and walls leaning in along top. The solution is to install a wall anchor, which will relieve the pressure on the wall.
  • Cracks in Foundation or Walls – Cracks developing in your foundation or walls are usually the sign of a settling foundation. They can be fixed by installing piers for support or with pressure grouting, which is a void filling method.
  • Sinking or Uneven Floors – Floors can become uneven or sink because of foundation settlement or heaving, or if there is a structural issue with your crawlspace. The symptoms include; floor cracks; uneven, sloped floors; mold or mildew in crawlspace; and jamming interior doors. The best solution is to determine the source (crawlspace issue, foundation settlement or heaving) and install foundation piers to stabilize and raise the foundation.
  • Damp or Wet Basement or Crawlspace – This is an issue that arises from poor waterproofing or drainage systems or an issue with your foundation (settlement, cracks, etc.). The signs of a wet basement are many: mold, wood rot, water stains, flooding, and more. The best way to protect your basement is with wall encapsulation.

We are the Leader in Foundation Repair in Atlanta Georgia

You won’t find a more experienced or dedicated foundation repair team in the Atlanta Georgia area. We were founded in 1987, and in the years since, we have grown leaps and bounds in the area of foundation repair, specializing in piering and underpinning. We are always looking for innovative methods of foundation repair and use only the very best in piering products from Earth Contact Products. With our foundation repair expertise and the excellent products from ECP, we can proudly say that we are a leader in foundation repair Atlanta Georgia solutions. We look forward to assisting our customers with the best products, customer service, and engineering we can to assist in any foundation repair project out there.