What is Soil Erosion, and What can it do to your Altanta, Georgia Foundation

In many cases, foundation failure is caused by the shifting of soil directly underneath the foundation. This shift in the soil can be caused by many different things. One of the main causes of shifting and moving soil in Georgia is erosion.

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When is Carbon Fiber an Appropriate Solution in Atlanta, Georgia?

One common problem in the Atlanta, GA is bowing, leaning and cracking basement walls. The cause of bowing and leaning walls is often excess moisture in the soil. When this excess moisture is absorbed by the ground around your foundation, it increases the hydrostatic pressure in the soil.

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The Cost of Foundation Repair vs. The Cost of Foundation Failure

Many homeowners are deterred from foundation repair services due to the seemingly high foundation repair costs. These services, however, are often vital in keeping the home safe and secure. It may seem like repairing small problems such as foundation cracks or sticking doors is extremely expensive, but the longer these problems remain unsolved, the worse the damage will become.

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How to Find a Great Foundation Repair Contractor in Georgia and Alabama

When it comes to your home, one of the most important components is the foundation. Because the foundation supports the weight of the entire structure, it is vital that the foundation be kept structurally sound and stable.

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Spring is the Perfect Time for Commercial Underpinning and Construction in Atlanta

If you live in Atlanta and have a commercial project coming up or are in need of commercial foundation repair, the spring season is the perfect time for Atlas Piers of Atlanta to help you with your commercial underpinning needs. Continue reading

Warmer Weather can Mean a Musty, Damp Crawlspace in Georgia and Alabama

Damp or Wet Crawlspace are Unhealthy for Atlanta and Birmingham Families

With the warmer weather coming, you may notice a musty smell coming from your crawlspace. This is a sign that your crawlspace is damp or wet. It is a good idea to check your crawlspace from time to time to see if water is entering it. A damp or wet crawlspace can create health issues for you and your family. Mold and mildew form and grow in dark, damp areas such as a crawlspace.

The exposure to mold can cause several health issues such as:

  • Nasal stuffiness
  • Throat irritation
  • Coughing or wheezing
  • Eye irritation
  • Skin irritation
  • Chronic lung illnesses

You may not realize that your chronic illnesses are coming from a wet or damp crawlspace. Not only can a damp crawlspace cause mold and mildew, the moisture will rot the wood in the crawlspace and will also be a place where for bug infestation.

There may be signs in your living area too, that you have a damp or wet crawlspace. Some of these signs are:

  • Musty smell
  • Soft or rotten wood floor joist or support beams
  • Damp floors or walls
  • Sagging floors
  • High humidity

A wet crawlspace can endanger the structural integrity of the home’s foundation. This damage occurs when the moist environment exposes joists, sill plates, support beams, subfloor and block foundation walls.

Water enters the crawlspace from a variety of sources such as heavy rain, ground water, and plumbing leaks. The subsurface soil base, open-earth evaporation and exterior perimeter drainage all contribute to the crawlspace becoming susceptible to mold, mildew, insect infestation, and fungus.

The water that is in your crawlspace will saturate inside exterior walls, insulation, up to the roof and attic spaces. This raises the humidity level in your home.

Don’t let a wet or damp crawlspace cause not only damage to your Atlanta or Birmingham home, but comprise the health of you and your family. When you notice any of the signs of a wet or damp crawlspace, contact the experts at Atlas Piers of Atlanta. We have the solutions for your wet or damp crawlspace.

 Solutions for a Wet or Damp Crawlspace in Alabama and Georgia

Atlas Piers of Atlanta can help you with your damp or wet crawlspace with Crawlspace repair in Atlanta and Georgiacrawlspace encapsulation. This is the process of installing a vapor barrier on the walls of your crawlspace. This waterproofing material stops ground moisture from entering the crawlspace.

The material we use for crawlspace encapsulation is made by Earth Contact Products (ECP), and is an impermeable material. They are manufactured using a triple-ply woven high density polyethylene membrane and is puncture resistant.

Creating a healthy home starts from the ground up. If your crawlspace is full of moisture, the moisture will move upward into living spaces. Up to half the air you breathe in your home comes from the basement or crawlspace. By letting Atlas Piers of Atlanta provide you with crawlspace encapsulation in your Alabama or Georgia home, the moisture will stop migrating into your living spaces, creating a healthier environment for you and your home.

The vapor barrier we use is either 10-mil thick or 16-mil thick. Hardware stores usually carry a think sheeting that is 6-mil thick and is not puncture resistant. Once the vapor barrier is punctured, it is useless. That is why if you need crawlspace encapsulation, it is a good idea to have the professionals at Atlas Piers of Atlanta come in and install our vapor barriers. It will save you money in the long run. A vapor barrier can lower your energy bill, too.

Atlas Piers of Atlanta have been in business since 1987 and serve cities in the states of:

With the heavy rains coming this spring and summer, let the experts at Atlas Piers of Atlanta install a vapor barrier in your crawlspace so that you and your home stay healthy.

We can also provide you with any foundation repair needs you may have. Our underpinning products are the best in the industry and will stabilize your home back to its original level.

Don’t hesitate. Once you see the signs of a wet or damp crawlspace, contact Atlas Piers of Atlanta. We will come and inspect your home and crawlspace and offer the best solution for your crawlspace repair needs. Hiring a company with experience and that uses the best products in the industry, you will be getting the very best.

Atlas Piers – A Reliable Foundation Contractor in Atlanta, GA

Since 1987, Atlas Piers of Atlanta has been providing Atlanta and the surrounding areas with professional, affordable foundation repair services. Our well trained staff is always prepared to inspect your home and discuss the best solutions for you. We are dedicated to keeping your home and business stable and safe for you, your family, and your customers. We are the most trusted provider of foundation repair in Atlanta. Continue reading

How Important are Foundation Piers in your New Construction in Atlanta?

New Homes Constructed with Piering Solutions are Built to Last

Just like many of the other states in the southern part of the country, Georgia receives a decent amount of rainfall year-round. This precipitation has been known to effect new home construction and the stability of already built homes in the area. When you and your family are beginning to build your dream home, or you begin making plans for the new store you’ve wanted to open for years, it is important to be aware of certain precautions that can be taken to make your home less susceptible to settling and the problems that come with it.

Atlas Piers of Atlanta is known for our piering options. new construction underpinning in atlantaWhen home and business owners in Georgia run into foundation failure, they call us to solve their problem. But did you know that piering isn’t just for failing foundations? Sure, many homeowners do wait until they notice signs of trouble to consider underpinning, but that doesn’t have to always be the case. Why wait until your home is damaged to repair it? Wouldn’t it be easier to prevent the problem from occurring in the first place? New construction piering is the most durable, useful investment you can make with your new home or business. It can save you both time and money, and you won’t ever have to worry about a settling foundation.

The soil found in and around Atlanta can cause some pretty extensive damage to your home. Sometimes, the home may not be constructed properly, causing the home to sink over time. However, most often, the sinking is a natural reaction to the loose soil in Georgia. After bearing the weight of your home for an extended period of time, the soil beneath your foundation will begin to compact under the pressure. This can leave large, gaping spaces beneath the concrete, and the concrete is not strong enough to support the weight of your home without the soil beneath it. This can lead to sinking, cracking, and possible water damage in your basement.

The problems can extend to the other parts of your home as well. If the soil beneath your foundation settles, it can cause:

To prevent these problems from plaguing your home, consider new construction piering in Atlanta. Helical piers can be installed while your home is being constructed. This means that your house is given extra support, and you don’t have to worry about the soil sinking beneath it. Helical piers are durable and strong, keeping your home stable for many years to come. Don’t wait for a problem with a sinking foundation to inevitably show up – prevent it from happening with new construction piering.

Piering for Commercial Projects in Atlanta, GA by Atlas Piers

Here at Atlas, we understand that your business can feel like your baby, and we want to help you protect that baby from the effects of sinking soil. Businesses in Atlanta are just as susceptible to foundation failure, and investing in helical piering for your new commercial construction can mean investing in your businesses’ future. A single crack in your businesses’ foundation can ruin its professional look and potentially scare away or harm customers. Why take the chance? Make the investment with new commercial construction underpinning.

When installing helical piers during construction, the mess is minimized. new construction helical piers atlantaWhy? Because there hasn’t been landscaping or other fixtures installed yet, meaning the disruption to your property isn’t as extensive. Atlas Piers of Atlanta installs high quality ECP piers. These piers are designed to be installed in a wide variety of weather conditions and are built to last, providing long-term stability for your business.

You won’t ever have to worry about cracks in your floors that could trip customers, or water in your basement because your foundation has shifted. There will be no sloping floors, no sticking windows, and no emergency call to Atlas because you have a leaning wall that’s threatening collapse. Our helical piers will keep your foundation secure and level, no matter what the conditions of the soil are. Whether the soil is expanding because of excess rainfall or shrinking because of weight or drought, you can be sure that your businesses’ foundation will stay where it is. New construction piering in Atlanta takes away some of the stress of owning a business so that you can focus solely on what matters most – the business itself.

If you’re looking to make an investment in your home or business and would like some more information on new construction piering, contact Atlas Piers of Atlanta today. You can trust us to ensure the stability of your home and business.



Commercial and Residential Foundation Problems in Atlanta, Georgia

The Most Common Foundation Problems in Atlanta

Atlanta homeowners and business owners may experience a large range of problems affecting their properties. While some people may not be able to keep water from flooding their basement, others might have a problem with bowing walls. Whatever the problem is, know that many other people in the Atlanta area are experiencing the same thing, and Atlas Piers of Atlanta is here to help.

The most common foundation problem in Atlanta is cracking. Cracks can be big or little, deep or shallow, horizontal or vertical. Whatever the size or shape is, it should not be ignored. Cracks often show up in basements, either on the concrete floors or sprawling up the walls. Cracks may also radiate from your door frames or window sills. common wall cracks in atlantaThese cracks indicate an uneven foundation that is causing your home to shift. Many Atlanta homeowners elect to ignore the cracks, as they are under the impression that a few small cracks couldn’t possibly have a harmful effect on something as big and stable as their home. However, these cracks can cause big damages, especially when it comes to water. When in businesses, cracks can give the building an unprofessional look and possibly turn customers away.

Another problem common to Georgia homes and businesses is a shifting foundation. A shifting foundation causes many of the problems in your business or home, including the problems talked about above. When the soil beneath your foundation doesn’t work like it’s supposed to, the foundation will begin to sink. The soil is supposed to be well compacted and able to hold your foundation up. But oftentimes, the weight of Atlanta homes pushes the soil down, causing the entire house to shift on top of it. This can cause numerous problems, such as leaning or bowing walls, sticking doors or windows, and garage column cracks. A sinking foundation can be dangerous for your home or business, endangering your family and your customers.

Foundation Repairs in Atlanta, GA

Luckily for homeowners and business owners, Atlas Piers of Atlanta offers many foundation repair solutions. These solutions will repair your home or business and leave it looking as good as the day it was built. It is important to remember that, no matter how small these issues may appear, a foundation problem is a big deal and should not be dealt with personally. This can be dangerous and might hurt the home or business even more. Instead, contact Atlas Piers of Atlanta for a professional repair job.

Because foundation problems can be repaired in so many ways, Atlas Piers offers a range of solutions:

  • Helical Piers. Helical piers are installed in a process called underpinning. They are screwed into the ground beneath preexisting walls. These piers are designed to lift your foundation to its original state. Upon installation, the load of your home or business is transferred from the weak soil near the foundation to more compacted soil further down. This transfer prevents future settling and corrects any that has already taken place. helical piers are an excellent repair for many problems, such as sloped floors and slab cracks, because they can be installed in any weather and cause very little disturbance to your home. 
  • resistance piers for commercial foundation repair in atlantaPush piers. Push piers have a lot of similarities to helical piers. They are also installed under preexisting walls, and they also serve to push your foundation up into its original position. Unlike helical piers, which have a screw shape, push piers are like flat rods, and they are simply pushed into the ground. Push piers are made of durable steel and can be installed in any weather conditions.
  • New Construction Piers. Why wait for your home or business to experience problems before you protect it from a sinking foundation? Atlas provides new construction pier installation for Atlanta homes and businesses. These piers will protect your home and business from the inevitable sinking that will occur without them. New construction piers are a valuable investment for any new home or business and can be installed much easier than repair piers.
  • Pressure Grouting. When it comes to owning a business, you cannot risk your customer’s safety. And as a homeowner, you don’t want to put your family in danger. Oftentimes, sidewalk cracks and driveway cracks are a dangerous hazard that may need support. These cracks are easy to trip over, especially for the elderly, and some may even collapse and leave gaping holes in your concrete. pressure grouting for residential foundation repair in atlantaPressure grouting is an easy solution. Usually, cracks in your sidewalk or driveway are caused by sinking soil. The soil sinks beneath these cracks and leaves a pocket of air that can’t support the weight of the sidewalk or drive. This creates the cracks and heaves. Pressure grouting involves drilling a hole into your sidewalk and filling the hole with a high concentration concrete solution.

Atlas Piers offers many more commercial and residential foundation solutions. We are only a phone call away. Call us today for more information about our foundation repair solutions for commercial and residential buildings.

The Benefits of a Dry Crawlspace

Crawlspace Encapsulation and Repair can keep your Atlanta Family healthy

For Georgia homeowners, their family’s safety and well-being is at the top of their priority list. This can mean making tough decisions when it comes to your home, because some problems that affect your home and its foundation can be hazardous to your family’s health. In this instance, we’re talking about a dry crawlspace.

A dry crawlspace is incredibly important for your family’s health. In many homes, moisture can leak in through cracks in the concrete. These cracks are often caused by foundation problems and can really hurt your family. Because of your crawlspace’s size, it is the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew, both of which like damp, humid places. dry crawlspace crucial to healthy familyWhen moisture leaks into your crawlspace, it can become overrun with mold. Mold and mildew affect air quality, making it difficult to breath and increasing the likeliness of asthma and breathing problems in small children and the elderly.

Unfortunately, the bad air quality doesn’t just affect the crawlspace. It will circulate throughout the house, harming everyone inside. This makes a dry crawlspace a key investment for your Georgia home. A dry crawlspace means that your family is not being subjected to hazardous mold and mildew, and the air they are breathing is as clean as it is supposed to be. A damp crawlspace may also affect the wood in your home, making it soft, pliable, and easily breakable, creating a falling hazard. Atlas Piers of Atlanta wants to ensure your family’s health and safety when it comes to a dry crawlspace.

Crawlspace Encapsulation Repair in Atlanta

Luckily, Atlas Piers of Atlanta offers numerous crawlspace repair options for the Atlanta homeowner. We want to ensure the health of your family for years to come, and we make sure the products we use are the most durable, affordable available to accomplish our goal. Primarily, you must determine whether or not your home is in need of crawlspace repairs or waterproofing. If you notice any of the following signs, you may need waterproofing or encapsulation:

  • rotten wood above your crawlspacewet basements and crawlspaces in atlanta
  • musty smell coming from the basement
  • insects in your basement or crawlspace
  • sagging floors
  • standing water in your basement or crawlspace
  • increased coughing/wheezing in young children
  • water stains on basement floors
  • sticking doors or windows

Once you have determined the need for repairs, you must consider your options. One option for crawlspace repairs is encapsulation. Encapsulation involves installing a vapor barrier in your crawlspace. Vapor barriers, usually made of plastic or foil sheets, can be installed in your crawlspace or basement. vapor barriers in atlantaThey create a water-tight seal designed to keep any moisture out of your home. Vapor barriers decrease the overall humidity in your home, lowering cooling bills in the summer. Different vapor barriers may provide different levels of effectiveness, so it is important to discuss your options with your contractor. The most durable and effective vapor barriers are made by Earth Contact Products, the company that supplies Atlas Piers.

Encapsulation is best when done by professionals that know what they are doing. While it may be possible for you to install vapor barriers yourself, professionals are trained in installation and, in most cases, can apply a better seal to the area. Encapsulation is available for both basements and crawlspaces, ensuring the air in your home is less humid and more pure. Encapsulation can help prevent breathing problems in children,encapsulation in your atlanta home along with humidity damage such as sticking doors or windows and softened wood floors.

If you must wait for an encapsulation specialist to arrive, you can ease the problem until it can be fixed professionally. One way to remedy the problem, at least for the time being, is to install a dehumidifier in the crawlspace. Simply remove as much moisture as possible, such as using a towel to soak up any pools of water, and place a humidifier in the room until Atlas Piers can survey the crawlspace. This may aid with any breathing problems your family might be experiencing.

If you are planning on using a dehumidifier in your Georgia home, you must know that this will not solve the problem completely. Moisture will continue to find its way into the crawlspace until it is effectively waterproofed. Do not depend solely on a dehumidifier, especially if you are worried about your family’s health or have noticed problems in other parts of your home because of your wet crawlspace.

Crawlspace encapsulation is just one of the many services offered by Atlas Piers of Atlanta. Contact us today for a free estimate or more information.