Commercial Carbon Fiber Repair in Atlanta

Commercial Carbon Fiber Repair for Bowing Walls in AtlantaA common problem business owners face in the Altanta, GA and surrounding area is bowing and cracking walls. Due to our often unpredictable weather, we can have lots of rain, or prolonged dry spells. Rain can cause a build up of water around your foundation that puts pressure on foundation walls in your home. Dry spells can cause the soil to shrink and the ground to compact, wrecking havoc on your foundation walls as well. This is not only an unsightly problem, but is a danger to the overall health of your foundation as well. We have a great solution for bowing, leaning, and cracked foundation walls, called carbon fiber repair. We are experts in carbon fiber repair and will work with you to get the best solution to keep you and your customers safe. Carbon fiber repairs are a very specialized solution for these problems. They are also earth friendly and are not offered by just any foundation repair company. Atlas Piers of Atlanta can help you and your business with your commercial carbon fiber repair Atlanta needs.

The longer you leave bending and bowing walls unattended, the more serious and expensive the problem will become. The pressure that the foundation walls undergo while bowing can cause serious damage over a long period of time. If these walls begin to crack, this is only the beginning of your problems. Cracks can cause water seepage, mold, and air leaks.  With carbon fiber, you’ll be able to catch the problem before it becomes too serious, prevent any further damage from occurring.  Contact us today to find out how we can help!

Advantages to Carbon Fiber for Commercial Wall Repair in Atlanta

Carbon fiber has a very high tensile strength, meaning that it is extremely durable. Though it is woven into a fabric, it is not flexible. This helps the repair remain solid. This super strong material does not break or stretch, making the repairs done with it both effective and long-lasting. Carbon fiber is such a strong material, in fact, that it is even used in the construction of some commercial aircraft.

Because the installation process is relatively simple, carbon fiber repairs can be completed in a short amount of time. First, a bed of high-strength epoxy is put on the wall. The carbon fiber is then embedded into this epoxy, and a steel angle bracket is bolted to the top. This repair process is simpler than other methods, but still requires the training of a foundation repair professional. The team at Atlas Piers can help you with all of your commercial carbon fiber repair needs.

Once the carbon fiber repair has been completed, it shows only as a small bump merely a fraction of an inch thick. This bump can even be covered with normal wall studs in a finished basement or painted over. The completed carbon fiber repair is then nearly invisible, keeping your business looking neat, tidy, and professional.

The carbon fiber repairs are also no maintenance and low cost. Once the repair is finished, it requires no maintenance or attention from either a repair specialist or you. This leaves you available to focus on the more important aspects of owning and operating your own business. Carbon fiber repairs are also much lower in cost than other methods, especially methods that involve steel beams – if you want to save your money for more important matters, go with a carbon fiber repair from Atlas Piers.

Carbon fiber is also a very “green” repair material. This lightweight material is made extremely strong; even though it is environmentally friendly, it is still a suitable choice for commercial foundation repair. Using carbon fiber strips to repair your basement walls instead of other methods will ensure that your business remains eco-friendly.

Commercial Carbon Fiber Strips for Bowing Wall Repair

Commercial Carbon Fiber Strips in Atlanta, GeorgiaWalls in your basement usually crack and bow because of pressure from soil. If the pressure from excess water in the soil becomes too great for the walls to handle, they will crack and bow. That’s where carbon fiber strips come in. Unlike regular carbon fiber sheets, these strips offer support to the places that need it most, and are much easier to install. These strips act as a support system and actually “lock” your basement walls in place, meaning you won’t have to worry about bowing or cracking anymore. Carbon fiber strips can be easily and quickly installed, and won’t cost you a fortune; you don’t have to worry about your bank account going dry.

Call us now if you think carbon fiber repairs could benefit you and your business. Atlas Piers of Atlanta will take time to find the right fix for your specific needs. We are the experts on commercial carbon fiber repair in the Atlanta area.