How Important are Foundation Piers in your New Construction in Atlanta?

New Homes Constructed with Piering Solutions are Built to Last

Just like many of the other states in the southern part of the country, Georgia receives a decent amount of rainfall year-round. This precipitation has been known to effect new home construction and the stability of already built homes in the area. When you and your family are beginning to build your dream home, or you begin making plans for the new store you’ve wanted to open for years, it is important to be aware of certain precautions that can be taken to make your home less susceptible to settling and the problems that come with it.

Atlas Piers of Atlanta is known for our piering options. new construction underpinning in atlantaWhen home and business owners in Georgia run into foundation failure, they call us to solve their problem. But did you know that piering isn’t just for failing foundations? Sure, many homeowners do wait until they notice signs of trouble to consider underpinning, but that doesn’t have to always be the case. Why wait until your home is damaged to repair it? Wouldn’t it be easier to prevent the problem from occurring in the first place? New construction piering is the most durable, useful investment you can make with your new home or business. It can save you both time and money, and you won’t ever have to worry about a settling foundation.

The soil found in and around Atlanta can cause some pretty extensive damage to your home. Sometimes, the home may not be constructed properly, causing the home to sink over time. However, most often, the sinking is a natural reaction to the loose soil in Georgia. After bearing the weight of your home for an extended period of time, the soil beneath your foundation will begin to compact under the pressure. This can leave large, gaping spaces beneath the concrete, and the concrete is not strong enough to support the weight of your home without the soil beneath it. This can lead to sinking, cracking, and possible water damage in your basement.

The problems can extend to the other parts of your home as well. If the soil beneath your foundation settles, it can cause:

To prevent these problems from plaguing your home, consider new construction piering in Atlanta. Helical piers can be installed while your home is being constructed. This means that your house is given extra support, and you don’t have to worry about the soil sinking beneath it. Helical piers are durable and strong, keeping your home stable for many years to come. Don’t wait for a problem with a sinking foundation to inevitably show up – prevent it from happening with new construction piering.

Piering for Commercial Projects in Atlanta, GA by Atlas Piers

Here at Atlas, we understand that your business can feel like your baby, and we want to help you protect that baby from the effects of sinking soil. Businesses in Atlanta are just as susceptible to foundation failure, and investing in helical piering for your new commercial construction can mean investing in your businesses’ future. A single crack in your businesses’ foundation can ruin its professional look and potentially scare away or harm customers. Why take the chance? Make the investment with new commercial construction underpinning.

When installing helical piers during construction, the mess is minimized. new construction helical piers atlantaWhy? Because there hasn’t been landscaping or other fixtures installed yet, meaning the disruption to your property isn’t as extensive. Atlas Piers of Atlanta installs high quality ECP piers. These piers are designed to be installed in a wide variety of weather conditions and are built to last, providing long-term stability for your business.

You won’t ever have to worry about cracks in your floors that could trip customers, or water in your basement because your foundation has shifted. There will be no sloping floors, no sticking windows, and no emergency call to Atlas because you have a leaning wall that’s threatening collapse. Our helical piers will keep your foundation secure and level, no matter what the conditions of the soil are. Whether the soil is expanding because of excess rainfall or shrinking because of weight or drought, you can be sure that your businesses’ foundation will stay where it is. New construction piering in Atlanta takes away some of the stress of owning a business so that you can focus solely on what matters most – the business itself.

If you’re looking to make an investment in your home or business and would like some more information on new construction piering, contact Atlas Piers of Atlanta today. You can trust us to ensure the stability of your home and business.



Commercial and Residential Foundation Problems in Atlanta, Georgia

The Most Common Foundation Problems in Atlanta

Atlanta homeowners and business owners may experience a large range of problems affecting their properties. While some people may not be able to keep water from flooding their basement, others might have a problem with bowing walls. Whatever the problem is, know that many other people in the Atlanta area are experiencing the same thing, and Atlas Piers of Atlanta is here to help.

The most common foundation problem in Atlanta is cracking. Cracks can be big or little, deep or shallow, horizontal or vertical. Whatever the size or shape is, it should not be ignored. Cracks often show up in basements, either on the concrete floors or sprawling up the walls. Cracks may also radiate from your door frames or window sills. common wall cracks in atlantaThese cracks indicate an uneven foundation that is causing your home to shift. Many Atlanta homeowners elect to ignore the cracks, as they are under the impression that a few small cracks couldn’t possibly have a harmful effect on something as big and stable as their home. However, these cracks can cause big damages, especially when it comes to water. When in businesses, cracks can give the building an unprofessional look and possibly turn customers away.

Another problem common to Georgia homes and businesses is a shifting foundation. A shifting foundation causes many of the problems in your business or home, including the problems talked about above. When the soil beneath your foundation doesn’t work like it’s supposed to, the foundation will begin to sink. The soil is supposed to be well compacted and able to hold your foundation up. But oftentimes, the weight of Atlanta homes pushes the soil down, causing the entire house to shift on top of it. This can cause numerous problems, such as leaning or bowing walls, sticking doors or windows, and garage column cracks. A sinking foundation can be dangerous for your home or business, endangering your family and your customers.

Foundation Repairs in Atlanta, GA

Luckily for homeowners and business owners, Atlas Piers of Atlanta offers many foundation repair solutions. These solutions will repair your home or business and leave it looking as good as the day it was built. It is important to remember that, no matter how small these issues may appear, a foundation problem is a big deal and should not be dealt with personally. This can be dangerous and might hurt the home or business even more. Instead, contact Atlas Piers of Atlanta for a professional repair job.

Because foundation problems can be repaired in so many ways, Atlas Piers offers a range of solutions:

  • Helical Piers. Helical piers are installed in a process called underpinning. They are screwed into the ground beneath preexisting walls. These piers are designed to lift your foundation to its original state. Upon installation, the load of your home or business is transferred from the weak soil near the foundation to more compacted soil further down. This transfer prevents future settling and corrects any that has already taken place. helical piers are an excellent repair for many problems, such as sloped floors and slab cracks, because they can be installed in any weather and cause very little disturbance to your home. 
  • resistance piers for commercial foundation repair in atlantaPush piers. Push piers have a lot of similarities to helical piers. They are also installed under preexisting walls, and they also serve to push your foundation up into its original position. Unlike helical piers, which have a screw shape, push piers are like flat rods, and they are simply pushed into the ground. Push piers are made of durable steel and can be installed in any weather conditions.
  • New Construction Piers. Why wait for your home or business to experience problems before you protect it from a sinking foundation? Atlas provides new construction pier installation for Atlanta homes and businesses. These piers will protect your home and business from the inevitable sinking that will occur without them. New construction piers are a valuable investment for any new home or business and can be installed much easier than repair piers.
  • Pressure Grouting. When it comes to owning a business, you cannot risk your customer’s safety. And as a homeowner, you don’t want to put your family in danger. Oftentimes, sidewalk cracks and driveway cracks are a dangerous hazard that may need support. These cracks are easy to trip over, especially for the elderly, and some may even collapse and leave gaping holes in your concrete. pressure grouting for residential foundation repair in atlantaPressure grouting is an easy solution. Usually, cracks in your sidewalk or driveway are caused by sinking soil. The soil sinks beneath these cracks and leaves a pocket of air that can’t support the weight of the sidewalk or drive. This creates the cracks and heaves. Pressure grouting involves drilling a hole into your sidewalk and filling the hole with a high concentration concrete solution.

Atlas Piers offers many more commercial and residential foundation solutions. We are only a phone call away. Call us today for more information about our foundation repair solutions for commercial and residential buildings.

The Benefits of a Dry Crawlspace

Crawlspace Encapsulation and Repair can keep your Atlanta Family healthy

For Georgia homeowners, their family’s safety and well-being is at the top of their priority list. This can mean making tough decisions when it comes to your home, because some problems that affect your home and its foundation can be hazardous to your family’s health. In this instance, we’re talking about a dry crawlspace.

A dry crawlspace is incredibly important for your family’s health. In many homes, moisture can leak in through cracks in the concrete. These cracks are often caused by foundation problems and can really hurt your family. Because of your crawlspace’s size, it is the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew, both of which like damp, humid places. dry crawlspace crucial to healthy familyWhen moisture leaks into your crawlspace, it can become overrun with mold. Mold and mildew affect air quality, making it difficult to breath and increasing the likeliness of asthma and breathing problems in small children and the elderly.

Unfortunately, the bad air quality doesn’t just affect the crawlspace. It will circulate throughout the house, harming everyone inside. This makes a dry crawlspace a key investment for your Georgia home. A dry crawlspace means that your family is not being subjected to hazardous mold and mildew, and the air they are breathing is as clean as it is supposed to be. A damp crawlspace may also affect the wood in your home, making it soft, pliable, and easily breakable, creating a falling hazard. Atlas Piers of Atlanta wants to ensure your family’s health and safety when it comes to a dry crawlspace.

Crawlspace Encapsulation Repair in Atlanta

Luckily, Atlas Piers of Atlanta offers numerous crawlspace repair options for the Atlanta homeowner. We want to ensure the health of your family for years to come, and we make sure the products we use are the most durable, affordable available to accomplish our goal. Primarily, you must determine whether or not your home is in need of crawlspace repairs or waterproofing. If you notice any of the following signs, you may need waterproofing or encapsulation:

  • rotten wood above your crawlspacewet basements and crawlspaces in atlanta
  • musty smell coming from the basement
  • insects in your basement or crawlspace
  • sagging floors
  • standing water in your basement or crawlspace
  • increased coughing/wheezing in young children
  • water stains on basement floors
  • sticking doors or windows

Once you have determined the need for repairs, you must consider your options. One option for crawlspace repairs is encapsulation. Encapsulation involves installing a vapor barrier in your crawlspace. Vapor barriers, usually made of plastic or foil sheets, can be installed in your crawlspace or basement. vapor barriers in atlantaThey create a water-tight seal designed to keep any moisture out of your home. Vapor barriers decrease the overall humidity in your home, lowering cooling bills in the summer. Different vapor barriers may provide different levels of effectiveness, so it is important to discuss your options with your contractor. The most durable and effective vapor barriers are made by Earth Contact Products, the company that supplies Atlas Piers.

Encapsulation is best when done by professionals that know what they are doing. While it may be possible for you to install vapor barriers yourself, professionals are trained in installation and, in most cases, can apply a better seal to the area. Encapsulation is available for both basements and crawlspaces, ensuring the air in your home is less humid and more pure. Encapsulation can help prevent breathing problems in children,encapsulation in your atlanta home along with humidity damage such as sticking doors or windows and softened wood floors.

If you must wait for an encapsulation specialist to arrive, you can ease the problem until it can be fixed professionally. One way to remedy the problem, at least for the time being, is to install a dehumidifier in the crawlspace. Simply remove as much moisture as possible, such as using a towel to soak up any pools of water, and place a humidifier in the room until Atlas Piers can survey the crawlspace. This may aid with any breathing problems your family might be experiencing.

If you are planning on using a dehumidifier in your Georgia home, you must know that this will not solve the problem completely. Moisture will continue to find its way into the crawlspace until it is effectively waterproofed. Do not depend solely on a dehumidifier, especially if you are worried about your family’s health or have noticed problems in other parts of your home because of your wet crawlspace.

Crawlspace encapsulation is just one of the many services offered by Atlas Piers of Atlanta. Contact us today for a free estimate or more information.


Product Highlights: Helical Tiebacks and Helical Piles

What are helical tiebacks and piles?

Helical tiebacks and piles are steel rods inserted around your home to help correct foundation issues. A helical tieback is a metal rod inserted through your wall and into the soil behind your foundation. These tiebacks can assist in distributing weight more evenly, easing pressure on your walls and creating a more stable foundation. Helical piles are very similar to tiebacks and are often used in underpinning in both commercial and residential buildings. Helical piles offer a quick installation with little disturbance to your home and yard.helical tiebacks atlanta Helical piles are ideal in many foundation repair jobs because they can be installed in active soil and in any weather. Both tiebacks and piles provide stability, even as soil shifts or expands.

Helical piers and piles are a simple fix to a serious problem. Instead of letting the cracks in your walls worse, or waiting around for your bowing wall to collapse, consider having Atlas Piers install helical piers or piles. These sturdy anchors will not hurt your walls, and they will be well worth it in the long run.

Atlas Piers offers helical tiebacks and piles that are top quality ECP products, proven to work for a wide variety of foundation problems. They are made of steel and specially designed to bear heavy loads. Helical tiebacks and piles can be installed in any weather and are ideal for any home or business.

When would helical tiebacks and piles be utilized in Atlanta?

Homeowners often wonder how serious their foundation problems truly are. After all, how can a crack in your basement wall mean that you need helical tiebacks? Can’t you simply fill the crack? Sadly, many homeowners try to fix these foundation problems themselves and end up simply masking the underlying issue – an unstable foundation.

Helical tiebacks and piles are used in many different scenarios, making them incredibly versatile and dependable. You may need helical tiebacks or piles in your home and not even know about it. If you’ve noticed any of these signs, you may be in need of a tieback or pile installation:

  • Bowing, Leaning, or Cracked Walls. You may notice some cracks beginning to form in your basement, or maybe you have an entire wall that is bowing at the middle. This means that there is too much pressure on your wall. This pressure is most often caused by the soil outside your foundation compressing and expanding, causing your walls to be pushed in and crack. Helical tiebacks can be installed to more evenly distribute the pressure on your walls. cracked walls atlanta
  • Sticking Doors and Windows. Though it may be easy to write these problems off as a minor inconvenience, sticking doors and windows almost always point to a more significant problem in your home’s structure. When the soil beneath your home’s foundation begins to settle, the entire slab can shift, causing doors and windows to stick. Sticking doors and windows are also a possible sign of extra humidity in your home, which may be cause by cracks in your floors that allow in excess moisture.
  • Water in your Basement or Crawlspace. Nobody likes a flooded basement. Water in your basement or crawlspace is a key indicator that you need foundation repair. Water comes in through cracks in your walls and floor and can cause mold growth and property damage. Helical tiebacks and piles can be inserted through cracked walls to help ease the pressure on the walls, reducing cracking and water flow into your home.
  • Excess Water Pooling Near Home. After heavy rains, if your home doesn’t have adequate gutters that lead water away from your home, water may end up pooling directly on top of your home’s foundation. Moist soil can expand and add pressure to your walls, and it can also lead to cracks and other problems for your foundation. Installing helical piles or tiebacks can help strengthen your wall as you better waterproof your home.

Repairing the foundation of your Atlanta home can be daunting. Helical tiebacks and piles can simplify the process without sacrificing the durability and stability that helical tiebacks offer. If you think you might be in need of our ECP helical tieback installation, give us a call today.




New Construction Underpinning

Stop Settlement Before it Starts in your New Atlanta Home

You need a home, a good-sized one that is safe for your growing family and affordable for your income. When looking at homes to purchase, you begin to realize that almost all of them need work. There are cracks in the floor, water dripping in the crawlspaces, and doors that stick when you go to leave. These little things aren’t meant to be overlooked – they’re a sign that the home is in need of some serious foundation repair. It can be hard to find a “perfect” home that’s also safe and stable.

Instead of purchasing a home, more and more homeowners are becoming interested in building a custom-designed home of their own. New construction has many benefits, such as creating the perfect home for your family or being able to use eco-friendly products in the construction. But the biggest benefit, by far, of a new home is the ability to install underpinning before your home’s foundation has a chance to cause any problems. new home atlantaWhile many homeowners are beginning to discover that the foundations of their homes are sinking and causing dangerous damage to its structural integrity, you can rest assured knowing that your home is safe and stable from the beginning.

New Construction Foundation Piers in Atlanta

Naturally, homes sink and settle over time. This is especially true in Georgia, where shifting, uneven soil can cause gaps under your foundation, cracks in your floors, and bowing walls in your basement. With bigger and bigger homes becoming more popular, extra stability is key. Many homeowners chose to contact Atlas Piers after they discover sticking windows or leaning walls, but installing piers in your home while it is still being constructed can keep these problems from occurring in the first place. This can greatly reduce hassle and spending over time. Why wait for the inevitable when you could save yourself so much work later on? Installing underpinning in your home as it is being constructed is one of the wisest investments you can make to ensure the safety of your home for years to come. new construction underpinning

There are a variety of piers you can use in your new home, including helical piers and push piers. Both kinds of piers are designed to improve the stability of your home. Push piers are pushed into the ground near your foundation, stabilizing the slab that would otherwise begin to sink over time. Helical piers are screwed in and, in some cases, are a more stable option. Helical piers keep your home’s foundation from heaving and consolidating because of moisture or other problems like tree roots. Helical pier installation is simple, especially in new construction.

But why bother putting underpinning in a new home?

All homes will sink and settle, regardless of age. However, there are many factors that can determine how bad the settling will be. When a home is poorly constructed and the soil beneath it poorly compacted, a home is more likely to shift. Even the best construction companies cannot perfectly compact soil 100% of the time, and this is to be expected. However, when you are buying a pre-owned home, you are often less aware of any problems that have arisen from poor construction. This can be dangerous for a homeowner. The soil beneath your home is also a factor, as clay and sand are more likely to shift, shrink, and expand. Water can also cause exponential damage to a home’s foundation.

Sadly, these problems, such as soil and water damage, are incredibly unpredictable. Nobody can tell whether a flood will lead to your foundation cracking ten years after you build a house. This is why underpinning in new construction is so important. You never want to leave the well-being of your home to chance. new construction atlantaInstead, trust Atlas Piers of Atlanta to install quality helical piers in your home before problems even begin to arise. Instead of worrying ebery time you hear a stair creak as your house settles, you can rest easy knowing that you have properly prepared your new home for the future.

Contact Atlas Piers today for more information on new construction underpinning for residential and commercial properties.


Strong Buildings and Structures from the Start – Commercial Construction Piering

How Can New Construction Piers Help Your Atlanta Commercial Business?

When it comes to your business’ structural integrity, the last thing you want is for your foundation to start failing. Foundation failure is a serious problem that many business owners in the Atlanta, Georgia area deal with. Once the foundation starts to fail, it will lead to problems in other areas of the structure: cracks in the foundation or walls, leaning or bowing foundation walls, sticking windows or doors, and sloped or uneven floors. These issues can be a hassle and often require expensive repairs, which can hurt your business.

Commercial New Construction Helical Piers in Atlanta, GeorgiaThere is, however, a way to prevent foundation problems from developing in the first place. New construction piering is an increasingly popular trend in Atlanta. Helical piers from ECP are excellent for new construction piering. ECP (Earth Contact Products) is a leading foundation repair product supplier. By using only the best products from reliable sources like ECP, we are able to get you the best results possible. These piers are designed to drive deep into the ground, making them suitable for foundations that require resistance against both tension and axial compression forces. Helical piers work as a more effective replacement for concrete piers, since they can be installed easily and the load can be immediately transferred to them. Because they are made to be driven deep into the ground, helical piers reach beyond the layers of active soil and anchor into the more stable soils. This provides the new foundation with an added level of support, ensuring that it remains structurally sound for years to come.

Where Can Commercial New Construction Piers and Anchors be Used?

One thing that makes new construction helical piers so convenient is their versatility. Because they can be installed in nearly any type of weather with little disturbance to the work site, they can be used in nearly any new construction project, whether it is residential or commercial. the structures that new construction helical piers can be used with include:

  • Commercial building projects
  • Retaining walls
  • Elevated walkways
  • Industrial buildings
  • Various electric utility industrial projects
  • Commercial new construction piering projects

Helical Foundation Piers for New Commercial ConstructionCommercial new construction helical piers are a great way to make sure that your new construction project’s foundation is super strong and stable. The expert team at Atlas Piers can install helical piers to support your commercial new construction project.

In addition to new construction helical piers being versatile enough to use in nearly any new construction project, Atlas Piers offers our premiere helical pier installation services to a wide service area. From the Atlanta area, where we are based, and throughout the state of Georgia, to cities in states as far away as Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, and even Florida. We travel all over to help out our customers with their commercial new construction projects.

If you are building a new structure for your business or commercial projects, contact Atlas Piers today. We can provide you with new construction helical piers to maintain the structural integrity of your building for years to come. Don’t let foundation problems catch you by surprise in the future; invest in new construction helical piers from Atlas Piers today and rest easy.


What Type of Commercial Construction Projects can Atlas Piers Tackle?

Types of Commercial Foundation Projects We Have Done in Atlanta

Atlas Piers is good for more than just home foundation repairs; we also offer a variety of solutions for business owners in need of commercial foundation repair. We have a very wide service area for our commercial repairs, including several cities in Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Florida. Our professional team is able to provide quality commercial repair for business owners in many different situations. Contact us today for more information on our commercial foundation repair services.

Commercial areas that we have experience in include:

  • Vaults,
  • Elevator pits
  • Tunnels
  • Parking garages
  • Water treatment plants
  • Swimming pools
  • Commercial and retail facilities
  • Banks, schools, and churches
  • Government buildings
  • Hospitals

There are several different reasons that any of the structures listed above may require foundation repair. One of the most common is a sinking or settling concrete foundation or slab. If a structure built on top of a concrete slab foundation begins to develop cracks in the walls or floor, it may be a sign that the foundation is sinking or settling. This is a problem that occurs often especially in structures, such as schools, churches, banks, hospitals, and other large commercial buildings. If this happens to your business, chances are that foundation pier installation from Atlas Piers can help you out.

Wall Cracks in AtlantaA sinking or settling foundation is often caused by too much pressure in the soil around or under the foundation. This excess pressure can, however, cause a different problem: bowing or leaning foundation walls. If the walls in the basement of your commercial building begin to bow or lean, or to develop cracks, come to Atlas Piers. We have the necessary solutions to repair bowing or leaning foundation walls in your business or commercial project.

Although sinking or settling slabs are often caused by excess pressure in the soil, they can also be caused by the formation of voids under your foundation. This happens when the soil beneath the slab shifts due to erosion or soil shrinkage. This problem does not only apply to the average commercial buildings, but can also pose a threat to various other structures, such as swimming pools, vaults, elevator pits, tunnels, parking lots or garages, or anywhere else that concrete slabs are present.

 Construction Contractor Services We Offer

To take care of these all of these foundation problems, Atlas Piers provides our customers with an array of commercial foundation repair solutions. One of our most in-demand services, however, is commercial underpinning. In this process, a resistance pier is installed under a sinking or settling foundation, driving deep into the stable soil beneath the shifting topsoil. Then, the weight of the structure can be transferred onto the piers, and the foundation can be lifted to its original position. We many different types of piers to fit every situation – helical piers, steel push piers, slab piers, new construction piers, and micropiles.

Commercial Helical Tieback Installation in AtlantaAnother great underpinning service that we offer is helical tieback installation. These devices are used to straighten and support bowing or leaning foundation walls. They are anchored into the ground adjacent to the affected wall. They then apply opposite horizontal pressure to pull thee wall back into place. Carbon fiber repair is another solution to repair bowing or cracked foundation walls in your business. This is a method in which carbon fiber strips are applied to the wall to strengthen and support it. The strips lock the wall into place, closing cracks and stabilizing the wall.

One of the other important foundation repair services that we specialize in is wall encapsulation. This involves installing a vapor barrier along the walls of a basement or crawlspace. The barrier serves as a protection against water damage, sealing out moisture to not only keep the area dry, but to also improve the air quality throughout the entire building.

In addition to piering services, Atlas Piers also offers pressure grouting to stabilize sinking foundations. This is a void-filling method that can be used in addition to or sometimes instead of underpinning to lift and support failing foundations. In the pressure grouting procedure, a grout is injected beneath the foundation to fill voids, ensuring that the foundation rests on a solid base.

Atlas Piers offers many different foundation repair solutions to keep your business running smoothly. If you notice any signs of foundation failure, such as foundation or wall cracks, leaning or bowing walls, windows or doors that stick, or sloped or uneven floors, contact us immediately. We will work with you to find a solution that is best for your Atlanta business.



Steel Piers – What are they and what are they used for?

Steel Piers in Atlanta – What are Steel Piers?

For many homeowners in the Atlanta, Georgia area, foundation repair is a must. Some of the most common foundation problems are a settled foundation, or a cracked foundation. These issues are often caused by moisture fluctuations in the soil and can become serious if they are left unrepaired for long periods of time. The best way to effectively repair a settling or cracking foundation is to install steel foundation piers. These piers can provide the home with the support that it is lacking. For a professional repair team that you can depend on, contact Atlas Piers of Atlanta; our foundation repair specialists are experienced in steel pier installation and will have your home back to normal in no time.

Steel Piers for Foundation Repair in AtlantaWhat exactly are steel piers? Steel piers are an underpinning product that can be used to raise and stabilize a sinking foundation. These anchor-like steel cylinders are driven deep into the ground until they reach the stable soil far below the surface. Then, the weight of the structure is transferred onto them, and the foundation can be raised back to its original position. Once the foundation has been properly lifted and stabilized, any cracks that may have formed are closed and the foundation is level and smooth – good as new. Steel piers come in a variety of types, including: steel push piers, helical piers, slab piers, micropiles, and more. The two most common types, however, are the standard steel push pier and its modified brother, the helical pier. Helical piers work in much the same manner as steel push piers. The main difference is that they include a helical thread around them that allows them to be screwed into the ground instead of merely driven in. This provides a bit of extra stability.

Our steel piers and other underpinning products come from ECP (Earth Contact Products). ECP is a leading supplier of foundation repair products. They provide us with reliable products to insure that your foundation receives the best repairs possible.

When is the Use of Steel Piers Appropriate in Atlanta?

Because they are very effective at raising a foundation, steel piers are normally used to repair a sinking or settling foundation. They can be installed under the sinking portion of the foundation to restore the original level of the entire foundation. A sinking or settling foundation can be the result of various situations. This void causes the foundation above to cave or settle as a result of the lack of support. The same thing can happen if the soil shrinks and shifts due to dry weather. Too much water absorbed by the soil will cause the soil to expand and the hydrostatic pressure to increase, pushing on the foundation and causing it to shift. Whatever the cause for your sinking or settling foundation, steel piers are an excellent solution.

If you are notice any of the symptoms of a settling foundation – cracked foundation, cracked walls, bowing or leaning walls, sticking doors or windows, and sloped or uneven floors – contact Atlas Piers of Atlanta immediately. We can help you with all of your steel piers Atlanta needs.

Protect Your Foundation, Know the Signs of Foundation Failure in Atlanta

Everyone knows that foundation failure is a bad thing. It can hurt you, your family, your home, and your wallet. Obviously, it is definitely something you want to avoid, but how? Before anything else, you need to know the signs of foundation failure so that you are able to identify your foundation problem early. The earlier the better, you will have a better chance of stopping it and protecting your home and everyone inside it.

The Signs of Foundation Failure

There are a variety of signs you can look for when trying to identify foundation failure. Some are easier to find than others, and some are more serious than others, getting to know these signs will help you know the condition of your home.

Wall Cracks Atlas Piers Atlanta

One of the more common signs of foundation failure are cracks; wall cracks, floor cracks, slab cracks, foundation cracks, garage column cracks, all types of cracks in your home. Cracks can differ in size, and the larger they are, the more likely it is that it has to do with a failing foundation. Cracks do not always mean foundation failure, but they are definitely a more common symptom. It is smart to get a professional to analyze them to tell you whether or not they may point to foundation failure or not before you decide to fill them.

Some of the more difficult signs to spot include bowing or leaning walls, leaning chimney, settling foundation, sloping floors, sticking doors, or sticking windows. All of these are more serious signs of foundation failure. If you start noticing signs like these make sure to call a professional foundation repair team. It is much better to get these problems taken care of so that they do not come back, or get worse. Home repairs may temporarily fix the problem, but almost every time, they will not permanently fix the problem, and sometimes they can even make them worse. Call a the Atlas Piers team, we are an experienced and professional foundation repair group.

Now I Know I Need Foundation Repair in Atlanta, What Next?

Helical Pier Atlas Piers Atlanta

If you find signs of foundation failure in your home, do not worry, just pick up the phone and call us here at Atlas Piers. There is no problem too small or too big for us to take care of, we are happy to be able to help you keep your home a safe and secure place for you and your family. Not only will we help you repair your foundation failure, we can guarantee to you that we will use top quality products that will keep you from ever having problems with it again. All of our products come from Earth Contact Products, one of the top providers of foundation repair products. We promise to give you the best experience we can offer. We offer solutions such as carbon fiber repair, helical slab piers, helical tiebacks, porch piers, pressure grouting, steel push piers, shoring, and underpinning for foundation repair. We also offer some solutions for waterproofing your home as well such as encapsulation. Between offering some of the best products for foundation repair and having a wonderful team of foundation professionals, the choice is clear, come to Atlas Piers for all your foundation repair needs. We want to help you feel safe and protected in your home, all you have to do is pick up the phone and give us a call today.

Finished Basement: Finding Wall Cracks

How do You Find Wall Cracks if You Have a Finished Basement?DIY Foundation Repair

When you make the decision to finish your home’s basement you are mostly making the decision based on the fact that your basement will look better physically, but, unfortunately, a finished basement can hurt the health of your home. Finishing your basement will make it much harder to see wall cracks that can be a sign of foundation failure. Finding these signs of foundation failure can help you to find out whether or not your home may have foundation failure, and if you can not find them, your home may go through other harmful symptoms of foundation failure before you notice that you even have foundation failure. These wall cracks are also the number one source of seepage as well, leaving you to try and figure out where it came from. Unfortunately, a finished basement just makes it harder to find wall cracks.

Steps to Finding Wall Cracks in Your Atlanta Finished Basement

There are a few steps you can take to try and help you find signs of wall cracks. You do not have to start ripping out drywall or paneling, all you have to do is take a quick look around the base of the outside of your home, taking time to look at the top of your foundation wall. It should be visible without having to do too much work, but if it is not, just take a shovel to pull back some of the soil so that you are able to see it. Then, you will want to clear the foundation wall of any dust and dirt that could block your view of any cracks. Start searching for small cracks on the foundation wall. These cracks may be small, some even 1/16 of an inch wide. Focus especially on any areas that you have noticed seepage on the inside of your basement. For example, if you noticed seepage on the basement ground go the other side of the wall on the outside and look for cracks there. Also, don’t expect to find cracks everywhere. On average, most homes have between two and eight wall cracks, and many of those don’t matter because they don’t go all the way through the wall.

Wall Cracks Atlas Piers AtlantaI Do Have Wall Cracks – Now What?

If you do end up finding a few cracks, don’t panic too much. First, we suggest looking for other signs of foundation failure, such as sticking doors and windows, sinking foundation, leaning or bowing walls, or even a leaning chimney. If find that you have one or more of these, we definitely suggest calling a professional contractor. Not only is foundation failure dangerous to the structure of your home, but also to your safety. Now, if you simply have cracks, we can help you fill them so that you do not have to worry about them anymore. In the case you have more than that, we have a variety of solutions for all your foundation failure problems. We obtain all of our repair products from Earth Contact Products, the top producer of foundation repair products. We can guarantee the quality, and of course, the quality of our work as well. Atlas Piers is an experienced team of professionals who are ready at any time to help you with any and all foundation repair situations. We are proud to be able to service the Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, North and South Carolina, and Florida areas. Call us today, we’ll even give you a FREE estimate