Commercial Hardscaping in Atlanta, Georgia

Commercial Hardscaping in Atlanta, GA by Atlas PiersCurb appeal is important, especially when it comes to your business. Having a well kept, good looking exterior could greatly contribute to the success of your commercial enterprise. In order to keep your business looking its best, consider investing in hardscaping services from Atlas Piers of Atlanta, Georgia. Hardscaping is the process of adding and maintaining driveways, walkways, and other concrete features to increase the curb appeal of your business. Our team has the necessary experience and equipment to provide for all of your commercial hardscaping needs.

There are several different hardscaping additions that we can add to increase the value and appearance of your business. Some of these features include:


  • Patios
  • Retaining Walls
  • Sidewalks
  • Barriers
  • Traffic Islands
  • Water Features
  • Anything else made of stone, concrete, or brick!

Landscaping is important, but hardscaping is often a more long-lasting investment that adds true value to your business. With hardscaping services from Atlas Piers, you are sure to get the attention of customers more easily. Hardscaping is also great for areas with low amounts of soil cover. our team is happy to come take a look at your property and come up with a hardscaping plan to fit your needs. Call us today for more information on our unique hardscaping design options.

Commercial Hardscaping Repair Options in Atlanta

Pressure Grouting for Hardscaping Repair in Atlanta, GA by Atlas Piers

Sometimes, hardscaping is completed and the customer ends up not liking the results, or needing repair work later if something goes wrong. If you have already had hardscaping done and are in need of repair, we also offer a variety of hardscaping repair services. Moisture is often a component of concrete deterioration and the cause of many hardscaping problems. Excessive amounts of moisture can cause your concrete hardscaping to buckle or crack. This can lead to several different problems, both functional and aesthetic. Masonry can also crack and lean as a result of excess moisture or harsh elements. Fortunately, hardscaping issues can be resolved quickly and simply.

Helical Piers for Hardscaping Repair in Atlanta, GA by Atlas PiersThe repair solutions offered by Atlas Piers cause little to no disturbance
to the installation site. This means that there is no need for you to worry
about your landscape or building. Our team of foundation contractors makes
it a priority to provide efficient, safe, and affordable repairs in every
situation. We can help you keep your business beautiful and properly
functioning. Do not hesitate to call us for commercial hardscaping

Our repair services can help keep your existing hardscaping in good condition. Pressure grouting and piering solutions can lift and stabilize concrete slabs, foundations, and stoops. This prevent cracks formation to keep curb value high. Drainage systems are also taken into account when our team is determining the best hardscaping solution for your business. This consideration helps keep your structure safe from various water problems, avoiding serious damage and potential foundation failure. Whether you are in need of commercial hardscaping or hardscaping repair, Atlas Piers is your number one choice. Contact us today for more information on our concrete, masonry, and stone hardscaping services in the Atlanta, Georgia area.