Commercial Helical Anchors

Any type of foundation problem is a serious issue. Shifting and settling foundations lead to many different structural problems throughout the building, and foundation cracks can create an entry point for water or pests. That is why it is important to have any foundation issues in your Atlanta, Georgia business repaired as soon as possible. One of the most reliable and increasingly popular methods of foundation repair is the installation of helical anchors. These devices can be used in many different repair situations to stabilize foundations and lift the slabs back to the original position.

If you notice any of the following symptoms in your business, consider investing in helical anchor installation from Atlas Piers right away:


These are all signs that the foundation beneath your home has started to shift or settle due to excess moisture or soil movement. This can be solved by installing helical anchors. For over a century, helical anchors have been used to to support structures on weak soils. Call the helical pier experts at Atlas Piers to find a solution for your foundation problems right away.

Helical Anchors for Foundation Repairs in Atlanta, Georgia

Commercial Helical Anchors in Atlanta, GeorgiaIf you have a settling or sinking foundation, helical anchors are your best option. These underpinning devices are screwed deep into the ground beneath the slab, until they reach load bearing soils. Next, the weight of the structure is transferred onto the anchors. Once this is done, the anchors can be used to lift the foundation to the proper level. This helps return the foundation to the proper position, closing cracks that may have formed and stabilizing the foundation in the process.

Helical anchors are a reliable foundation repair solution for situations where tension resistance and axial compression forces are required. This is especially useful in stabilizing and repairing the foundations of commercial metal buildings. Because they are installed with hydraulic motors, helical anchors can be installed easily and quickly, returning the foundation to normal in no time. Atlas Piers uses helical anchors manufactured by ECP (Earth Contact Products), the leading supplier of foundation repair products. ECP Helical Anchors are made with tough, galvanized steel, meaning that they will last for years to come. Some other benefits of using helical anchors from ECP for your foundation repair needs include:


  • Ease of Installation
  • Little to No Vibration
  • Immediate Load Transfer
  • Can be Easily Load Tested
  • Can be Installed in All Weather
  • Little to No Disturbance to Jobsite
  • Install Below Active Soils

Atlas Piers is proud to offer our premiere helical anchor  installation services to Atlanta Georgia and the surrounding areas. If you live in the states of Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, or Florida, contact us today for more information regarding our commercial foundation repair solutions.