Commercial Masonry Repair in Atlanta, Georgia

Masonry Repair in Atlanta, GA by Atlas PiersIn the Atlanta area, it is quite common for buildings to have masonry work as a main component. Masonry work can be a great structural addition to any building, and can also add significantly to the appearance. That is why masonry repair is an important service in the Atlanta, Georgia area. Here at Atlas Piers, we provide a variety of masonry repair services to keep your business in the best condition possible. Whether is is brick, stone, marble, granite, concrete, or tile masonry, we have the necessary repair options for you.

Masonry problems are often caused by too much moisture, poor drainage, and shifting soil. If your drainage system does not work properly, it could cause a buildup of moisture. This moisture can deteriorate the masonry, leading to crack formation and settlement. Shifting soil can also cause problems, as it leads to foundation settlement or sinking, which causes masonry problems such as crack formation and compaction. Signs of a masonry problem in your structure include:


In addition to increasing curb value, brick and stone masonry can also add to the thermal mass of your building. There are many different benefits that come from having masonry features on your commercial structure. It is important to keep these features in good shape, as this will add to the overall value of your business. If you are in need of repair work for the masonry on your business, contact Atlas Piers immediately. We can take care of commercial masonry repair needs and provide you with the necessary options to keep your business functioning and looking its best.

Masonry Repair Options in Atlanta: Pressure Grouting

Pressure Grouting for Masonry Repair in Atlanta, GA by Atlas PiersIf the masonry on your building has started to crack or sink, pressure grouting can be used to lift and stabilize. The masonry failure may be due to foundation settlement caused by gaps and voids forming under the structure. Pressure grouting fills these voids to restore masonry. First, small holes are drilled into the slab. Next, a high pressure, cement based grout is pumped through the holes to fill the void, compact loose soil, and lift the concrete. This stabilization can close masonry cracks and prevent future cracks from forming.

Masonry Repair Options in Atlanta: Helical Piers

Helical Piers for Masonry Repair in Atlanta, GA by Atlas PiersHelical piers can also help repair masonry. These underpinning devices are especially useful for leaning or cracking masonry chimneys or garage columns. Helical piers are screwed into the ground beneath the failing structure until they reach load bearing soils. Once the piers are installed under the ground, they are used to lift and stabilize the sinking chimney or column. They work to transfer the weight of the structure from the loose or settling soils to the stable soils deeper underground. This helps support the masonry structure and close and prevent cracks.

If you are in need of commercial masonry repair for your business, contact the experts at Atlas Piers today. We offer several solutions to keep your business stable and secure. Call today for more information.