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Your building is finally being constructed, and soon, your building will be up and ready for business! During this exciting time, the last thing you want to deal with is a foundation problem. Many times, foundation problems are caused by something that occurred during the initial construction phase. Whether is is poor compaction of the soil beneath your foundation, overloading, or another mistake in the building process, it is not uncommon for construction errors to result in future foundation problems. We’re humans. That is why Atlas Piers provides you with quality commercial shoring for your Atlanta business. If you have a new commercial construction project that is in need of professional shoring, come to Atlas Piers of Atlanta!

Benefits of Commercial Shoring Atlanta, GA

What is commercial shoring? Commercial shoring is a method used to provide support for part of the structure before the project is fully completed. If unstable areas are not supported and secured before the building is built, serious foundation problems could result. These foundation problems can wreak havoc on your commercial building, causing bowing wallscracks in the wallsslab crackswindows and doors that sticksloping floors, and several other structural issues throughout the building. The solution is to invest in commercial shoring services from Atlas Piers of Atlanta. Our team of professional foundation repair contractors will do all that they can to prevent a foundation problem before it occurs.

Commercial shoring can also be used to stabilize and support existing structures during excavation or remodeling. If you are in the process of upgrading your business, you may need to invest in commercial shoring services from Atlas Piers of Atlanta. By installing steel push piers to support a foundation while part of the structure is repaired or demolished, we can reduce the chances that the structure will collapse or develop a foundation problem. Shoring with helical tiebacks can also help keep the building stabilized by pulling the foundation into place while other areas are remodeled or removed.

Helical Tiebacks for Commercial Shoring in Atlanta, Georgia

Helical tiebacks are a great example of commercial shoring. These tiebacks are similar to helical piers, which support your foundation by being screwed into the ground, but helical tiebacks are smaller and are generally used to support one singular part of the building, not the whole thing. These are a great solution, because they can be installed year-round and in very tight places. This makes them an extremely versatile and convenient solution. Some benefits to using helical tiebacks for commercial shoring are:


  • Up to 312 sq. in. of Bearing Surface
  • Clamping Capacity of 8,250 lbs.
  • Made from Galvanized Steel
  • Install with Light Weight Equipment
  • Can be Immediately Load Tested
  • Not Affected by Weather
  • Versatile Application

The first step to installing helical tiebacks is to drill a hole in the foundation wall. The tiebacks are then installed from the inside of the foundation wall to apply lateral pressure, pulling the foundation wall into place. This helps support the entire foundation, as the tieback works like a giant screw, anchoring into the soil to stabilize the foundation and prevent foundation shifting, foundation settlement, and bowing or leaning walls. We use shoring products from ECP (Earth Contact Products), the leading supplier of foundation repair products. With the reliability of ECP Helical Tiebacks and the experience of the Atlas Piers installation team, your commercial structure will be properly stabilized in no time.

To see how you could save both time and money with commercial shoring from Atlas Piers for your Atlanta business, call us now!