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Commercial Solutions for Foundation Repair in AtlantaHere at Atlas Piers of Atlanta we have many different commercial foundation repair solutions to offer you. If you need any type of foundation repair, we’re just the people for you. We offer a variety of commercial solutions Atlanta to fit your every situation; take a look and let us know how we can help you!

We offer underpinning, which is a method of raising and stabilizing a sinking foundation. This is done by taking a helical pier or push pier, and putting it under your building to further strengthen your foundation. A strong foundation is very important, so underpinning could be something to look into if your foundation is experiencing any problems.

Shoring is also a great way to add support to a structure. This process involves adding steel beams under a certain part of the structure that may need extra support. Once this is done, the construction process can continue without harming the structure of the building.

Commercial Solutions Atlanta for Foundation Repair

Helical piers are long, steel beams that have wings on certain parts of them, and are screwed into the ground, supporting your foundation. They work by transferring the pressure on your foundation to an deeper layer of soil in the earth that can support this pressure easily. This means that your walls won’t crack, your doors and windows won’t stick, your basement walls won’t bow out, and your floors won’t slope anymore. Helical piers are an excellent solution, because they can be installed virtually anywhere, and can also be installed year-round, making them very convenient for any business.

Steel push piers are similar to helical piers, except they are merely pushed into the ground, instead of screwed. Otherwise, they are much the same, and are a great solution when you’re looking to fix a foundation that is failing, as they provide sufficient support to nearly any foundation.

Helical tiebacks are a smaller version of helical piers, and are very effective when it comes to bowing walls, cracking walls and other problems with foundation walls. They screw horizontally into the ground to create opposite pressure on the wall, and are also super-stable.

If you need anything to help repair your foundation for your commercial building, call us, Atlas Piers of Atlanta! We’ll be sure to help, so call us now!