Commercial Underpinning AtlantaCommercial Underpinning Atlanta

There’s nothing worse than going into your building and finding that your foundation is having troubles. That means that you have to spend a lot of time and money trying to fix it. Building troubles are never fun, but here at Atlas Piers, we have the solutions to bring your troubles to a satisfying end. Who wants to sit around worrying about the foundation when you could be promoting your business and providing money for yourself and your employees? We understand, and that’s why we work fast and efficiently so you can get your business back on track in no time. At Atlas Piers we are your commercial underpinning Atlanta experts.

Commercial Underpinning Atlanta, GA

For commercial underpinning Atlanta, we use helical piers. What are helical piers? Helical piers are long, steel beams that have threads,  they are screwed into the ground to help support your foundation. They transfer the pressure from your foundation, where the problems usually arise, to bedrock that can support the pressure without a problem. Helical piers are starting to be used more than push piers because unlike helical piers, steel push piers, or resistance piers, don’t have threads on them. They are just pushed  not screwed into the ground. Commercial Underpinning Atlanta, Commercial Underpinning Atlanta, GA

Foundation problems can cause wall cracks, bowing walls, cracks in your slab, sloping floors, doors that stick, windows that stick, doors and windows that are dislodged or look out of place, and much more. Foundation problems are serious, and that’s why we use reliable helical piers.

Foundation problems do not fix themselves, and they should not be considered a “Do it yourself” project.  Contact professionals as soon as you notice the warning signs.  Eradicating the problem as soon as possible will prevent further foundation settlement and damage, in addition to preventing possible waterproofing issues that my occur.  Commercial underpinning can save you time and money. We will inspect your commercial underpinning needs and give you an estimate of what the cost will be. If you are in need of commercial underpinning Atlanta, GA call us now!