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Summer is a great time, but can be troublesome, too. In the summer, the weather changes drastically. It’s a lot hotter, and it’s either really dry, or really humid, which means varying soil moisture, which can lead to foundation problems. Foundation problems can cause water issues in your residential crawlspace in Atlanta GA which can become a health and safety issue to you and your family. In a dark crawlspace that has moisture, it is the perfect condition for mold and mildew to grow along with causing wood to rot. If your crawlspace has developed a moisture problem, Atlas Piers of Atlanta can help. We offer crawlspace encapsulation. We can transform your damp crawlspace into a clean and dry space that will not cause anymore problems.

You probably don’t inspect your crawlspace on a regular basis so you may not be aware that there is a moisture problem. It is a good idea to inspect your crawlspace regularly and look for any of the following warning signs:

  • Musty smells in the living area
  • Damp, soft or rotten wooden floor joists or support beams
  • Pests or insects in crawlspace
  • Condensation on water pipes or insulation
  • Damp floors or walls
  • Standing water in basement or crawlspace
  • Rusty metal surface in basement or crawlspace
  • Damp or wet insulation in basement or crawlspace
  • Sagging floors in living area

If you notice any of these symptoms in your home, contact the experts at Atlas Piers for professional wall encapsulation and vapor barrier installation services.

Excess moisture in your basement or crawlspace is a serious issue that can lead to problems in various other areas of your home. Too much water pooling in your basement or crawlspace can cause water stains, and also poses the threat of water damage to any personal possessions that you might store in that area. Another problem that could arise from water collecting in your crawlspace is the growth of mold or mildew, which can potentially infect the air that you and your family breathe.

Crawlspace Repair in Altanta, Georgia

Besides water damage and mold, the moisture problems in your basement or crawlspace could lead to multiple issues that are normally related to failing foundations. If the wooden support in your basement or crawlspace are rotten, this causes the floors to sag and become uneven. Uneven floors led to problems such as wall cracks, leaning or bowing walls, or windows and doors that stick. Sometimes, these issues can be remedied with underpinning services. Installing foundation piers beneath your crawlspace may help keep the area well supported and stabilized. However, it is best to prevent these issues from occurring in the first place. This can be done with wall encapsulation services from Atlas Piers.

Crawlspace repair using crawlspace encapsulationResidential wall encapsulation Atlanta is a process in which we cover your basement walls with a vapor barrier. A vapor barrier is a damp proofing material, usually some type of plastic or foil sheeting, that is installed all along the walls of your crawlspace or basement. These damp proofing materials are vapor retardant, meaning that they stop the diffusion of vapor through the walls where they are installed. This means that moisture is sealed out of your basement or crawlspace. Not only will installing a vapor barrier prevent water problems, but it will also make your basement or crawlspace look cleaner and more finished. Another benefit of wall encapsulation is that it will lower your energy bills; when the air in your home is less humid, it is much easier for your heater or air conditioner to regulate the temperature. This means your heating and cooling costs will by much lower – more money in your pocket!

A vapor barrier means, better air quality, reduced chances of floor and wall repairs, enhanced comfort in the winter and summer months, and lowered energy bills. The professionals at Atlas Piers of Atlanta can assist you in your wall encapsulation Atlanta needs. They are trusted professionals and they will provide you with the best outcome possible on your home.

Residential Wall Encapsulation Atlanta, GA

Most of the air in your home comes from your basement, 50%, even! So, when you have a basement that’s really moist and possibly has a few cracks in it, the air will be filled with mildew and mold particles, which can be harmful to your lungs! When you have a vapor barrier, no moisture can get it. That means no cracks, and no mold. Also, in the winter, the vapor barrier acts as a insulation device, and keeps it warmer, and in the summer, keeps it cooler! Vapor barriers also lower your energy bill by 20%, according to Advanced Energy’s research.

A vapor barrier has many benefits, and is a great addition to your home! Installing a vapor barrier will keep your basement or crawlspace moisture free and prevent a surplus of annoying issues from arising in your home. If you need residential wall encapsulation Atlanta, call us now at Atlas Piers of Atlanta! We also specialize in many other foundation repair services.