Commercial Foundation Products in the Atlanta Area

Atlas Piers of Atlanta can install a variety of products for different applications. To determine which product is best for your situation, have a foundation repair specialist examine your project and come up with a personalized solution.

Resistance Piers for Commercial Foundation Repair in AtlantaAtlas Resistance Piers:

We offer many types of resistance piers from ECP, the very best underpinning product supplier in our industry. These piers are driven into soil around or below the foundation, penetrating the soil very deeply, beyond expansive soils. This allows them to support structures from either the interior or exterior of the foundation, depending on your site’s requirements. They are easy to install, with portable equipment, and little or no vibration. They are great at commercial sites, since can carry a very large load. They install with little disturbance to your  business, making them convenient for nearly every situation.

Atlas Helical Piles:

Helical piles, or piers are being used more and more for foundation repairs. Engineers have been using them for deep foundation support. Since the ground around your structure is in constant flux due to ever changing soil and moisture conditions, helical piles can be added to your foundation to provide strength and durability on these not so stable soils. These are commonly used at the start of a construction project to provide additional support as well.

Micro Piles:

Commercial Products for Foundation Repair in AtlantaMicropiles form a grout column around the shaft of a standard helical anchor/pile.They are driven into the load-bearing soils beneath the foundation. We employ the use of Helical Pulldown Micropiles (HPM) from Chance Civil Construction for our pull down piles. They are an industry leader in these products. With these products and our well qualified engineers, you can be sure of a strong foundation.

Commercial Products for Foundation Repair in Georgia

For these and all of our commercial foundation repair, and new construction products, contact your commercial products Atlanta team at Atlas Piers. We are always excited to help you get well on your way to a foundation repair solution. Remember us for any emergency foundation repairs that need to be performed. Our expert engineers and installers will be there to work on your project quickly, making sure that you receive quality foundation repair services. We look forward to hearing from you, and helping you make your business a great and safe place to be!