Residential Masonry Repair in Atlanta, Georgia

Masonry work is a common building tool in Atlanta and surrounding area. Masonry can be a beautiful addition to your home or a stable building option. Many people don’t realize that Atlas Piers of Atlanta is a great residential masonry service and repair resource, in fact we are the masonry professionals in Atlanta Georgia. Most often, masonry is done with brick, stone, marble, granite, limestone, cast stone, concrete block, glass block, stucco, and tile. Masonry can absolutely add beauty and value to your Georgia home.

Masonry problems may include:

Masonry Service and Repair  in the Atlanta Georgia Area

  • cracking brick veneer on your home
  • leaning or cracking chimney
  • cracked garage columns
  • heaves and cracks in your driveway and sidewalks
  • a porch or patio that is pulling away from the home
  • sinking porch or stoop
  • cracked tile, granite, or marble

Did you know that brick and stone can add to the thermal mass of your building or home? There are so many advantages to having this feature in your residential or commercial building. You don’t have to worry about painting masonry features, it is non-combustible, they can be a protective feature in strong storms, and the building generally lasts longer than a building with other materials. Many homeowners are reluctant to add masonry to their home because of possible repairs in the future. However, Atlas Piers of Atlanta is available to take care of any residential masonry repairs needed in your Georgia home.

Pressure Grouting for Masonry Repair from Atlas Piers

Pressure grouting is used in many cases where masonry is cracked or sinking. Gaps can easily form under the cement when dry or poorly compacted soil sinks. As these gaps form, the cement is usually not strong enough to hold itself up over the open space. This is what causes the cracks and heaves. Pressure grouting is a process designed to fill these gaps. Pressure Grouting for Residential Masonry Repair in AtlantaSmall holes are drilled into your concrete or masonry, and a high concentration of liquid concrete is injected into these holes. This concrete fills the gaps and provides a nice barrier between the sinking soil and the newly stabilized masonry. Pressure grouting is designed to last your home a long time and keep your masonry stable despite any shifts that may occur in the soil.

Helical Piers: Masonry Repair Solution for Your Atlanta Home

Helical piers, and many other solutions designed to help fill holes, even out your foundation, and keep your garage columns from sinking further. Helical piers can support failing masonry such as leaning chimneys. A leaning chimney can cause big problems for your home and can be easily supported by helical piers. These helical piers are inserted at the base of the chimney or beneath your home’s foundation walls. They transfer the weight of the chimney from the loose, sinking soil below it to the better compacted soil further down. These piers can be installed in any weather and are very durable. Atlas Piers uses ECP-brand steel piers.

Leaning Chimney Residential Masonry Repair in Atlanta Homes

Masonry work can take a plain building and make it special. Masonry
repairs can take a building that looks like it is falling apart and restore it to the beauty it once had. Count on the masonry repair Atlanta Georgia specialist and the masonry Atlanta Georgia team at Atlas Piers of Atlanta. Remember us for all your foundation repair services, new construction, underpinning and other home foundation repair services as well. Call us today for more information on residential masonry work and more!  Check out our complete service area here as well.