Commercial Pressure Grouting AtlantaCommercial Pressure Grouting Atlanta

Are there cracks in your slab? Does your slab shift places every now and then? Do you even notice your slab sinking? Well, if so, you can probably figure this out on your own: there’s a problem. Your slab should be reliable and sturdy, but sometimes it just doesn’t turn out that way. In that case, you can come to us, Atlas Piers of Atlanta. We have extensive knowledge of failing slabs and how to fix them. We can help you fix your slab, and here’s how: pressure grouting. For all your commercial pressure grouting Atlanta needs, come to us!

Commercial Pressure Grouting GA

When people see their slab going downhill, most of them go straight to the jack-hammer and remove the slab, and then re-gravel it, unaware that they have a less expensive and less tedious option! Pressure grouting is a process where you drill a hole through the concrete and introduce cement based grout under very high pressure. It usually costs about one third of the jack-hammer method, and is less tedious, as well, so why not use pressure grouting instead?

Atlanta GA Pressure Grouting

Pressure grouting starts out by drilling holes through your slab, and then driving injection pipes through voids and soft soils down to residual soils, where they’ll be stable. Then the grout hose is connected to the pipe to inject materials. As grout is pumped through the pipe, it permeates the soft soil and fills the void to stabilize the slab.  As pressure starts to rise, the pipe is lifted as it builds up the soil. And when the process is finished, the slab is stabilized and it’s load-bearing capacity has increased. Pressure grouting is a great solution to all of your slab troubles, so if you need commercial pressure grouting Atlanta, call us now!