Residential Pressure Grouting in Atlanta

Pressure Grouting for you Atlanta home
Atlas Piers is your pressure grouting in Atlanta source – we use  pressure grouting to raise slabs and stabilize soils. Pressure grouting, if done the right way, can offer an alternative or a complimentary service to piering work.

Pressure Grouting Explained:

Use pressure grouting to lift your slab in your Atlanta homeIt is very common to have voids under your concrete slab or foundation. This can cause cracking or settlement. These voids can happen when the soil underneath the foundation or slab contracts in size, usually due to excess moisture, vibrations in the slab, loads that are more than the slabs can take, or poor compaction during construction. Many people choose to jack-hammer the slab and remove it, and then re-gravel not knowing they have a less expensive option. Atlas Piers has the experts and experience for pressure grouting in Atlanta , and can help you with this much less expensive option. It is usually a half or a third of the cost of the jack-hammer method! We use pressure grouting, which is a method of drilling a hole through the concrete and introduce cement based grout using very high pressure.

The Grouting Process

1.) Once holes are drilled through the slab, injection pipes are driven through voids and soft soils to residual soils.  The grout hose is then connected to the pipe to inject materials.

pressure grouting process for your Atlanta home or business

2.) As grout is pumped through the pipe, it permeates the soft soil and fills the void to stabilize the slab.  As pressure starts to rise, the pipe is lifted as it builds up the soil.

Fix your slab crack with pressure grouting in your Atlanta home

3.) When completed, the slab is stabilized and its load-bearing capability has increased.

Pressure grouting process in Atlanta

Atlas Piers of Atlanta maintains a strong working relationship with Southeastern Pressure Grouting, a company with more than 50 years of experience in the industry. With all this expertise, you can rest assured that your pressure grouting project will be done right the first time. We can assist in any pressure grouting in Georgia project that you need help with!

Pressure Grouting in Atlanta, Georgia

ChemGrout provides a wide variety of grouting equipment sure to help with pressure Pressure Grouting specificationsgrouting for your Atlanta, Georgia needs. ChemGrout’s Workhorse Series is perfect for neat cements, bentonites, and non-shrink grouts. They are made to mix and pump a variety of materials. They even provide various power options. These products include the CG-550/2C4/A air powered, the CG-550/2C4/EH electric powered, and the CG-555/2C4/GH gas/hydraulic. Their maximum output is 8 gpm. Their maximum pressure is 174 psi with an option of 261 psi. The specifications are shown above.

This specialized equipment has a 45-gallon mix tank, large holding hopper, progressing cavity pump and centrally located controls with variable speed options. They allow for continuous production because one batch is mixed while another is pumping. The best part is they only require one operator. Not only are they easy to use, they are easy to clean! Their aluminum alloy pump and hinged clean out port makes cleaning up after the job easy. The strong alloy also makes the products low maintenance. ChemGrout’s products are simple, productive, and have proven themselves on the job.

If you need a professional to come in and handle your foundation repair needs, then Atlas Piers of Atlanta will be of service. Just call us today!