Residential Underpinning for Atlanta Home

Atlas Piers of Atlanta underpinninguses the process of underpinning to strengthen, stabilize and lift the foundation of existing buildings and structures. Underpinning for your Atlanta home is our solution to keeping you and your family safe.  Our professional staff can answer any of your questions you may have pertaining to underpinning.

At Atlas, we pride ourselves in using only the highest-quality products in all of our repairs. We use Earth Contact Products for all of our repairs, ensuring the best possible outcome for you and your home.

Taking a Look Further into Underpinning Atlanta

When we underpin a structure, we extend the current foundation into a soil layer that is deeper and therefore more stable than the soil it is on now. We can do this by providing additional support from the footings using piers, piles, or anchors. We use methods such as push piers, wall plate anchors, helical piles, and concrete piles.

What ARE Helical Piers?

What are these piers and are they right for you? Helical piers can be screwed down below the active soils around your foundation to provide extra strength and stability for your home’s foundation. They are easy to install with very little disruption to your home or landscaping so they are a great choice for many homeowners as a solution for foundation repairs. Immediately after they are installed, the piers will transfer weight away from your foundation and help to lift the foundation to its original position.  We use Helical Piers from Earth Contact Products, they are the very best product for foundation repair available in the industry.

Often, poor soil conditions are caused by several  factors.  Your home may be built on expansive soil that will shrink and swell when it rains or if moisture levels change. To deal with this soil you need support from deeper soil layers that will not be affected by moisture. Our underpinning provides you with this solution. We can lift your residential building to the right level and stop any additional settlement or movement. Don’t spend time worrying if you see cracks in your foundation or basement walls. Check with Atlas Piers, the trusted source for all your underpinning in Atlanta needs. Call us today for an estimate!

The need for underpinning can arise due to the following reasons for underpinning Atlanta:


  • The existence of below ground debris pits
  • The original foundation lost its strength and is no longer stable
  • The application or load of the structure changed
  • Modification of surrounding soils
  • The properties of the soil supporting the foundation have either changed or were not properly assessed during the original construction
  • Nearby construction created an unstable condition

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For more information on any of these studies, or to see what options are best for you contact the professionals on underpinning Atlanta solutions at Atlas Piers.