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Summer weather can have a serious influence on the soil and foundation under your home. Expansive soils can be especially troublesome. In hot humid summers soil will expand and put a lot of pressure on your foundation and basement walls.  While, dry and hot summers can cause soil to shrink, which in turn might lead to your foundation settling.  It is important to know the warning signs of foundation problems. Atlas Piers of Atlanta will help you understand your foundation problem.

Foundation problems are dangerous to your home, your safety, and your wallet. The longer foundation problems are left unattended, the more problems they can cause, and the more expensive they can become. Signs that your home may have foundation problems include cracked walls, sticking windows and doors, windows and doors that are out of place, porch and patio problems, basement wall problems, interior damage, and sloped floors. Here’s how to fix them.

Steel piers, or push piers (resistance piers) hold your home in place. They are pushed into bedrock and help support your home by transferring pressure from the foundation to an under-layer in the earth. Similar items include helical piers, which some consider to be better, because they screw into the ground, rather than being pushed, resulting in more security. These piers can be installed year-round, with little to no damage to your home or lawn, and can also be installed in very tight places, a convenient solution for any homeowner.

Foundation Repair Solutions Atlanta, Georgia

Other solutions include helical tiebacks, which are smaller versions of helical piers. Also, if your slab or porch is the one taking the toll, we offer helical slab piers, and porch piers. These piers are relatively the same, and consist of a pile and bracket, which will be installed under the crack or gap, and will improve the look and value of your home.

We have many solutions for your foundation troubles, so don’t hesitate to come on down and pay us a visit! If you need foundation repair solutions Atlanta, we’re your guys!