The Cost of Foundation Repair vs. The Cost of Foundation Failure

Many homeowners are deterred from foundation repair services due to the seemingly high foundation repair costs. These services, however, are often vital in keeping the home safe and secure. It may seem like repairing small problems such as foundation cracks or sticking doors is extremely expensive, but the longer these problems remain unsolved, the worse the damage will become.

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How to Find a Great Foundation Repair Contractor in Georgia and Alabama

When it comes to your home, one of the most important components is the foundation. Because the foundation supports the weight of the entire structure, it is vital that the foundation be kept structurally sound and stable.

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Spring is the Perfect Time for Commercial Underpinning and Construction in Atlanta

If you live in Atlanta and have a commercial project coming up or are in need of commercial foundation repair, the spring season is the perfect time for Atlas Piers of Atlanta to help you with your commercial underpinning needs. Continue reading

Atlas Piers – A Reliable Foundation Contractor in Atlanta, GA

Since 1987, Atlas Piers of Atlanta has been providing Atlanta and the surrounding areas with professional, affordable foundation repair services. Our well trained staff is always prepared to inspect your home and discuss the best solutions for you. We are dedicated to keeping your home and business stable and safe for you, your family, and your customers. We are the most trusted provider of foundation repair in Atlanta. Continue reading

Commercial and Residential Foundation Problems in Atlanta, Georgia

The Most Common Foundation Problems in Atlanta

Atlanta homeowners and business owners may experience a large range of problems affecting their properties. While some people may not be able to keep water from flooding their basement, others might have a problem with bowing walls. Whatever the problem is, know that many other people in the Atlanta area are experiencing the same thing, and Atlas Piers of Atlanta is here to help.

The most common foundation problem in Atlanta is cracking. Cracks can be big or little, deep or shallow, horizontal or vertical. Whatever the size or shape is, it should not be ignored. Cracks often show up in basements, either on the concrete floors or sprawling up the walls. Cracks may also radiate from your door frames or window sills. common wall cracks in atlantaThese cracks indicate an uneven foundation that is causing your home to shift. Many Atlanta homeowners elect to ignore the cracks, as they are under the impression that a few small cracks couldn’t possibly have a harmful effect on something as big and stable as their home. However, these cracks can cause big damages, especially when it comes to water. When in businesses, cracks can give the building an unprofessional look and possibly turn customers away.

Another problem common to Georgia homes and businesses is a shifting foundation. A shifting foundation causes many of the problems in your business or home, including the problems talked about above. When the soil beneath your foundation doesn’t work like it’s supposed to, the foundation will begin to sink. The soil is supposed to be well compacted and able to hold your foundation up. But oftentimes, the weight of Atlanta homes pushes the soil down, causing the entire house to shift on top of it. This can cause numerous problems, such as leaning or bowing walls, sticking doors or windows, and garage column cracks. A sinking foundation can be dangerous for your home or business, endangering your family and your customers.

Foundation Repairs in Atlanta, GA

Luckily for homeowners and business owners, Atlas Piers of Atlanta offers many foundation repair solutions. These solutions will repair your home or business and leave it looking as good as the day it was built. It is important to remember that, no matter how small these issues may appear, a foundation problem is a big deal and should not be dealt with personally. This can be dangerous and might hurt the home or business even more. Instead, contact Atlas Piers of Atlanta for a professional repair job.

Because foundation problems can be repaired in so many ways, Atlas Piers offers a range of solutions:

  • Helical Piers. Helical piers are installed in a process called underpinning. They are screwed into the ground beneath preexisting walls. These piers are designed to lift your foundation to its original state. Upon installation, the load of your home or business is transferred from the weak soil near the foundation to more compacted soil further down. This transfer prevents future settling and corrects any that has already taken place. helical piers are an excellent repair for many problems, such as sloped floors and slab cracks, because they can be installed in any weather and cause very little disturbance to your home. 
  • resistance piers for commercial foundation repair in atlantaPush piers. Push piers have a lot of similarities to helical piers. They are also installed under preexisting walls, and they also serve to push your foundation up into its original position. Unlike helical piers, which have a screw shape, push piers are like flat rods, and they are simply pushed into the ground. Push piers are made of durable steel and can be installed in any weather conditions.
  • New Construction Piers. Why wait for your home or business to experience problems before you protect it from a sinking foundation? Atlas provides new construction pier installation for Atlanta homes and businesses. These piers will protect your home and business from the inevitable sinking that will occur without them. New construction piers are a valuable investment for any new home or business and can be installed much easier than repair piers.
  • Pressure Grouting. When it comes to owning a business, you cannot risk your customer’s safety. And as a homeowner, you don’t want to put your family in danger. Oftentimes, sidewalk cracks and driveway cracks are a dangerous hazard that may need support. These cracks are easy to trip over, especially for the elderly, and some may even collapse and leave gaping holes in your concrete. pressure grouting for residential foundation repair in atlantaPressure grouting is an easy solution. Usually, cracks in your sidewalk or driveway are caused by sinking soil. The soil sinks beneath these cracks and leaves a pocket of air that can’t support the weight of the sidewalk or drive. This creates the cracks and heaves. Pressure grouting involves drilling a hole into your sidewalk and filling the hole with a high concentration concrete solution.

Atlas Piers offers many more commercial and residential foundation solutions. We are only a phone call away. Call us today for more information about our foundation repair solutions for commercial and residential buildings.

What Type of Commercial Construction Projects can Atlas Piers Tackle?

Types of Commercial Foundation Projects We Have Done in Atlanta

Atlas Piers is good for more than just home foundation repairs; we also offer a variety of solutions for business owners in need of commercial foundation repair. We have a very wide service area for our commercial repairs, including several cities in Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Florida. Our professional team is able to provide quality commercial repair for business owners in many different situations. Contact us today for more information on our commercial foundation repair services.

Commercial areas that we have experience in include:

  • Vaults,
  • Elevator pits
  • Tunnels
  • Parking garages
  • Water treatment plants
  • Swimming pools
  • Commercial and retail facilities
  • Banks, schools, and churches
  • Government buildings
  • Hospitals

There are several different reasons that any of the structures listed above may require foundation repair. One of the most common is a sinking or settling concrete foundation or slab. If a structure built on top of a concrete slab foundation begins to develop cracks in the walls or floor, it may be a sign that the foundation is sinking or settling. This is a problem that occurs often especially in structures, such as schools, churches, banks, hospitals, and other large commercial buildings. If this happens to your business, chances are that foundation pier installation from Atlas Piers can help you out.

Wall Cracks in AtlantaA sinking or settling foundation is often caused by too much pressure in the soil around or under the foundation. This excess pressure can, however, cause a different problem: bowing or leaning foundation walls. If the walls in the basement of your commercial building begin to bow or lean, or to develop cracks, come to Atlas Piers. We have the necessary solutions to repair bowing or leaning foundation walls in your business or commercial project.

Although sinking or settling slabs are often caused by excess pressure in the soil, they can also be caused by the formation of voids under your foundation. This happens when the soil beneath the slab shifts due to erosion or soil shrinkage. This problem does not only apply to the average commercial buildings, but can also pose a threat to various other structures, such as swimming pools, vaults, elevator pits, tunnels, parking lots or garages, or anywhere else that concrete slabs are present.

 Construction Contractor Services We Offer

To take care of these all of these foundation problems, Atlas Piers provides our customers with an array of commercial foundation repair solutions. One of our most in-demand services, however, is commercial underpinning. In this process, a resistance pier is installed under a sinking or settling foundation, driving deep into the stable soil beneath the shifting topsoil. Then, the weight of the structure can be transferred onto the piers, and the foundation can be lifted to its original position. We many different types of piers to fit every situation – helical piers, steel push piers, slab piers, new construction piers, and micropiles.

Commercial Helical Tieback Installation in AtlantaAnother great underpinning service that we offer is helical tieback installation. These devices are used to straighten and support bowing or leaning foundation walls. They are anchored into the ground adjacent to the affected wall. They then apply opposite horizontal pressure to pull thee wall back into place. Carbon fiber repair is another solution to repair bowing or cracked foundation walls in your business. This is a method in which carbon fiber strips are applied to the wall to strengthen and support it. The strips lock the wall into place, closing cracks and stabilizing the wall.

One of the other important foundation repair services that we specialize in is wall encapsulation. This involves installing a vapor barrier along the walls of a basement or crawlspace. The barrier serves as a protection against water damage, sealing out moisture to not only keep the area dry, but to also improve the air quality throughout the entire building.

In addition to piering services, Atlas Piers also offers pressure grouting to stabilize sinking foundations. This is a void-filling method that can be used in addition to or sometimes instead of underpinning to lift and support failing foundations. In the pressure grouting procedure, a grout is injected beneath the foundation to fill voids, ensuring that the foundation rests on a solid base.

Atlas Piers offers many different foundation repair solutions to keep your business running smoothly. If you notice any signs of foundation failure, such as foundation or wall cracks, leaning or bowing walls, windows or doors that stick, or sloped or uneven floors, contact us immediately. We will work with you to find a solution that is best for your Atlanta business.



Why Commercial Buildings Need Foundation Piers

Commercial Building Foundation Piers

When it comes to commercial foundation repair, Atlas Piers has the necessary solutions to keep your structure stable. The integrity of your establishment relies heavily on the stability of the foundation. as the foundation supports the entire building. If your building has a shifting or sinking foundation, you may need to invest in commercial building foundation piers. Foundation piers are an excellent solution for most failing foundations. They are able to effectively lift and stabilize the foundation to keep your building from developing other problems. Atlas Piers provides a selection of different foundation pier services for your commercial foundation repair needs.

Commercial Building Foundation PiersWhen the soil beneath your foundation erodes or shrinks due to drought conditions, voids may form under the foundation. This lack of support beneath the foundation can cause it to sink or settle. This problem might also be the result of too much hydrostatic pressure in the soil around the foundation, pushing on it and making it crack or shift. Fortunately, a settling foundation can usually be fixed or prevented with the installation of foundation repair products like helical piers or steel push piers.

Foundation piers are important to your commercial buildings because they can help to prevent and repair most common foundation problems. If your foundation fails, it will cause other problems throughout the structure, such as: bowing walls, leaning walls, cracks in the walls and floors, sticking windows, sticking doors, and sloped or uneven floors. These are annoying issues that can result in expensive repairs. They can also be hazardous to you and anyone else that frequents the building. By investing in commercial building foundation piers for your business, you can save money in the long run and keep your building safe.

More Uses for Commercial Building Foundation Piers

Typically, there are two types of foundation piers. These are steel push piers and helical piers. To repair a failing foundation, steel push piers are driven into the ground, anchoring in stable soil deep beneath the surface. Then, the weight of the structure is transferred onto them and they can be used to lift it to it’s original position. Helical piers work in much the same way. The biggest difference is that they are screwed into the ground instead to provide more support and stability. The installation process of these piers can be done in small spaces, making them ideal for nearly every foundation situation.

In addition to foundation repair, foundation piers can also be installed with new construction. Using helical piers in your new commercial construction will keep the structure stable and prevent foundation problems from arising in the future. When you are starting to establish a new company or business, the last thing you want to worry about is foundation repair costs. Choose commercial building foundation piers for your new commercial construction, and rest easy knowing that your building is secure.

For the highest quality commercial foundation products and services, choose Atlas Piers. We use quality products from renown supplier ECP (Earth Contact Products) to ensure your satisfaction. Contact us today for more information!