The Cost of Foundation Repair vs. The Cost of Foundation Failure

Many homeowners are deterred from foundation repair services due to the seemingly high foundation repair costs. These services, however, are often vital in keeping the home safe and secure. It may seem like repairing small problems such as foundation cracks or sticking doors is extremely expensive, but the longer these problems remain unsolved, the worse the damage will become.

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Spring is the Perfect Time for Commercial Underpinning and Construction in Atlanta

If you live in Atlanta and have a commercial project coming up or are in need of commercial foundation repair, the spring season is the perfect time for Atlas Piers of Atlanta to help you with your commercial underpinning needs. Continue reading

Atlas Piers – A Reliable Foundation Contractor in Atlanta, GA

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Protect Your Foundation, Know the Signs of Foundation Failure in Atlanta

Everyone knows that foundation failure is a bad thing. It can hurt you, your family, your home, and your wallet. Obviously, it is definitely something you want to avoid, but how? Before anything else, you need to know the signs of foundation failure so that you are able to identify your foundation problem early. The earlier the better, you will have a better chance of stopping it and protecting your home and everyone inside it.

The Signs of Foundation Failure

There are a variety of signs you can look for when trying to identify foundation failure. Some are easier to find than others, and some are more serious than others, getting to know these signs will help you know the condition of your home.

Wall Cracks Atlas Piers Atlanta

One of the more common signs of foundation failure are cracks; wall cracks, floor cracks, slab cracks, foundation cracks, garage column cracks, all types of cracks in your home. Cracks can differ in size, and the larger they are, the more likely it is that it has to do with a failing foundation. Cracks do not always mean foundation failure, but they are definitely a more common symptom. It is smart to get a professional to analyze them to tell you whether or not they may point to foundation failure or not before you decide to fill them.

Some of the more difficult signs to spot include bowing or leaning walls, leaning chimney, settling foundation, sloping floors, sticking doors, or sticking windows. All of these are more serious signs of foundation failure. If you start noticing signs like these make sure to call a professional foundation repair team. It is much better to get these problems taken care of so that they do not come back, or get worse. Home repairs may temporarily fix the problem, but almost every time, they will not permanently fix the problem, and sometimes they can even make them worse. Call a the Atlas Piers team, we are an experienced and professional foundation repair group.

Now I Know I Need Foundation Repair in Atlanta, What Next?

Helical Pier Atlas Piers Atlanta

If you find signs of foundation failure in your home, do not worry, just pick up the phone and call us here at Atlas Piers. There is no problem too small or too big for us to take care of, we are happy to be able to help you keep your home a safe and secure place for you and your family. Not only will we help you repair your foundation failure, we can guarantee to you that we will use top quality products that will keep you from ever having problems with it again. All of our products come from Earth Contact Products, one of the top providers of foundation repair products. We promise to give you the best experience we can offer. We offer solutions such as carbon fiber repair, helical slab piers, helical tiebacks, porch piers, pressure grouting, steel push piers, shoring, and underpinning for foundation repair. We also offer some solutions for waterproofing your home as well such as encapsulation. Between offering some of the best products for foundation repair and having a wonderful team of foundation professionals, the choice is clear, come to Atlas Piers for all your foundation repair needs. We want to help you feel safe and protected in your home, all you have to do is pick up the phone and give us a call today.

What are Foundation Piles, and How can They Help Your Atlanta Home?

Foundation Piles Atlanta

As a homeowner in Atlanta, you want to do everything you can to protect the safety and integrity of your home. Much of your home’s safety depends on it having a solid foundation. Due to certain conditions, however, the foundation of your home may begin to develop problems, such as settlement, or cracking. This usually occurs when there is a shift in the soil that supports the home, and can be caused by a number of different factors. For example, if the area where you live receives a lot of rain, the hydrostatic pressure in the soil may build to the point that the foundation cannot withstand it and begins to crack or shift. Voids that form by erosion, or the shrinking of soil due to drought conditions under the foundation are another factor that might cause a settling or sinking foundation. This is where foundation piles Atlanta come in handy.

Foundation Piles AtlantaFoundation piles, or piers, are foundation repair products that are designed to lift and stabilize your home in the case of a sinking or settling foundation. The piles are anchored into the stable, load bearing soil or bedrock deep beneath the surface of the ground. Once they are properly secured in the ground, they are used to support and raise the foundation where it is sinking or shifting.

There are a few different types of foundation piles Atlanta, but the two most common are steel push piers and helical piers. The main difference between these two types of foundation piles is that steel push piers are driven straight into the ground, while helical piers have helical flights that allow them to screw into the ground, providing some extra stabilization. Both these types of piers are great solutions for homes or commercial buildings that are experiencing foundation failure. There are also helical slab pier slab piers, which are like helical piers, but are used in conjunction with a bracket to support the heavy slab of concrete. This makes them ideal for supporting porches, garages, and other buildings with a slab foundation.

Benefits of Foundation Piles Atlanta

Not only will investing in foundation piles raise and stabilize your home, but they will also solve a number of other issues that arise from a foundation settlement:

These are common signs of foundation failure, and can be fixed with the installation of foundation piles Atlanta. Foundation piles can also be used in new construction to prevent a foundation from sinking in the first place. However you choose to use foundation piles, Atlas Piers has the necessary experience and quality products from ECP to help you out – contact us today!

Foundation Repair Products

Foundation Repair

Many homeowners who discover a problem with their foundation underestimate the seriousness of the issue. Foundation problems, however, are a major concern that should be repaired as soon as possible. A problem such as a sinking or settling foundation causes other areas throughout various areas of your home. Fortunately, Atlas Piers can provide you with expert services to take care of all of your foundation repair needs.

Foundation Repair Products, Helical PiersOne of the most common issues that occurs with a home is a settling foundation. If you notice bowing or leaning walls, cracks in the walls or floor, uneven or sloped floors, sticking doors, or sticking windows, you could have a settling or sinking foundation. To repair a settling foundation, Atlas Piers uses steel push piers or helical piers. Push piers are driven into stable soil deep under the surface of the ground. Then, the weight of the structure is transferred onto them and the foundation is raised back to its original position. Helical piers work in much the same way, except instead of being merely driven into the ground, they are screwed in to provide a little extra stability. Pressure grouting is another solution for sinking foundations. In this process, a grout is injected under the foundation to fill and stabilize voids that may have been causing the foundation to shift or settle.

Foundation Repair Products and Solutions

Another one of the foundation repair products commonly used is a helical tieback, or wall anchor. These anchors are used to counter the external pressure that sometimes causes foundation walls to lean or bow inward. They are long steel poles with multiple “screws” on them that are screwed into the ground adjacent to the affected basement walls to help support the walls and keep them upright.

Atlas Piers also provides carbon fiber services for wall crack repair. Carbon fiber is used to seal wall cracks and provide support for basement walls that are bowing or leaning. In addition to the variety of foundation repair products and services we offer, we also offer encapsulation methods to keep your basement dry and safe. For all of your foundation repair needs, contact Atlas Piers. We provide only the best foundation repair products from renown suppliers like ECP (Earth Contact Products) to ensure your satisfaction. Contact us today for more information on how we can help keep your foundation in top condition,

Foundation Repair Costs

Foundation Repair Costs Atlanta

Foundation repair is a vital part of ensuring that your home is safe and healthy. It is one thing that should not be neglected or ignored. It can however, be quite an expense for many homeowners. Most people tend to put off foundation repair because they are worried about the cost. The problem with this is that the foundation failure often becomes worse the longer you wait to fix it. This leads to an even bigger expense later on. For this reason, it is best to have your foundation repaired as soon as you notice an issue. This will save you money in the long run. Because we have your best interests in mind, Atlas Piers offers quality foundation repair services for reasonable prices. Come to Atlas Piers for the best foundation repair costs Atlanta has to offer.

Foundation Repair Costs AtlantaFoundation failure can cause problems like a settling or sinking foundation, cracks in the foundation or walls, bowing or leaning walls, sloped or uneven floors, and windows or doors that stick. Any of these are annoying problems that require professional repair services from an expert foundation repair contractor immediately. Here at Atlas Piers, we provide top quality services and products for all of our foundation repair jobs. Because of this, our prices may seem higher than some of our competitors. The cost is definitely worth it, though, as your home is sure to be safer and more structurally sound than it was before. We also provide various financing options to find the best solution for you. Atlas Piers is always ready to help you out in any way we can.

How to Determine Foundation Repair Costs Atlanta

There is no set price for foundation repair; every situation is different. If you want to find out how much the repairs on your home will cost, call your contractor to come and inspect your issue and give you a detailed report of what is going wrong. Then, you can begin to determine how much the repairs are going to cost. Any given foundation repair situation can cost from around $5,000 to $12,000 dollars. The price will most likely be higher if you live in an older home, as it may require additional work. Older homes often have added pressure on parts of the home, meaning that the foundation repair experts you hire will have a tougher job. Living in a new home does not necessarily mean that your problems will be lesser. The best way to be sure that your foundation repair costs Atlanta are not higher than necessary is to fix the problem as soon as possible so that it does not become worse.

Regardless of what you do, foundation repair costs Atlanta will probably not be cheap. Foundation repair is, however, important for the safety of you and your family. If you are in need of foundation repair, don’t wait! Contact the experts at Atlas Piers for professional services at reasonable prices.