Problem: Sinkholes

Alabama homeowners are always worried about sinkholes and what they would have to do to repair the void in the yard. A sinkhole is the collapse of the surface layer of earth and they come in all sizes. They are a safety hazard for the homeowner.  It happens when there is the process of erosion of the bedrock below. The bedrock is usually made up of limestone, sandstone, or dolomite which can easily be dissolved by water over time. Water is most often the trigger for sinkholes. The soil particles erode and wash through tunnels in the soil. This is how the cavities are created. For void filling in Alabama and void filling in Birmingham call Atlas Piers of Atlanta for information.

Sinkholes can cause numerous problems in your home such as:

Solution: Void Filling

Primarily, the sinkhole must be filled. This can happen in a number of different ways, all of which are dependent on the size and location of the sinkhole. Small sinkholes may easily be pressure grouting for sinkholes in atlantafilled by pressure grouting. When sinkholes form beneath your concrete, it could cause the concrete to sink or break. To correct this, Atlas Piers simply fills the hole caused by the sinkhole. We can inject a pressurized concrete solution into the sinkhole that keeps the concrete above it from sinking. This works well in cases where a sinkhole causes a void to form under garages, slabs, driveways, and walkways.

Solution: Underpinning

For the repair of sinkholes, the goal is to prevent further movement of the loose debris into the tunnels causing damage to your home. If you have a sinkhole, you will need to stabilize the area. A call into Atlas Piers for a home inspection by one of their professionals should be on top of your list.

A sub-surface repair involving underpinning will probably be the way to go to keep your house at ground level. The underpinning involves taking steel push piers and driving them deep into the ground around your house. The piers are then secured to the house.helical piers for sinkholes in atlanta Now the weight of the house is transferred to the brackets on all the piers. Your house is now level. No more worrying about the house sinking into the void below. Once the underpinning is done, you may want to make sure that the walls are stable by adding helical piers. Atlas Piers uses quality products from Earth Contact Products(ECP). Their products will let your rest assured that your home and family are now safe.

If you notice any potential sinkhole situation, don’t hesitate to contact a foundation contractor from Atlas Piers. We will be more than happy to come assess the situation and provide you with the best void filling solution. A sinkhole is a dangerous threat to the value and condition of your home, and the safety of your family. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can resolve the problem and prevent any future damage. Our solutions will provide immediate and permanent solutions to any sinkhole or void situation. Don’t ignore these potential disasters. For more information, contact us today!